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May 02, 2005

A Miracle At Sea

Posted in: Main,Personal

“We were praying for a miracle and we got one.”

Two teens were rescued Sunday 110 miles off Cape Fear, NC after spending 6 days at sea. This is just a great story of the will to survive and perseverance.

“I asked God to take me,” 15-year-old Troy Driscoll said as he lay in a hospital emergency room. “You’re out there fighting for your life. We didn’t want to fight anymore.”

“We were praying for a miracle and we got one,” Charleston Coast Guard Cmdr. June Ryan said. “Everybody on the East Coast has been looking for these boys.”

“What we have is an absolutely miraculous story of survival that’s going to be studied for years to come,” said Richard Goerling, Long’s uncle. “I think those two boys have a book to write.”

Luckily it had a great outcome as the two teens were finally rescued by fishermen. Thankfully and by the grace of God they will be able to write a book.

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