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May 02, 2005

Should We Believe This Story

Posted in: Bizarre,Fun,Technology

After the false “finger in the chili” story and the GA kidnapped bride hoax please excuse me if I am holding off on my decision as to whether this is a true story.

10-year-old boy in Sherman Oaks, Calif., suffered first-degree burns on his leg and groin area when a cell phone exploded in his pocket, according to a Local 6 News report.

Leobarda Villalobos recently purchased a Motorola phone for her son, Yovani. At some point, the phone exploded in Yovani’s pants.

He was treated at the Grossman Burn Center.

The family is trying to determine what could have gone wrong since the cell phone has not been recalled, according to the report.

Motorola officials are not commenting.

I am hoping it’s true but all I can think of is the many stories of my youth and my friends of what we made up to our parents to get us out of some pretty stupid things we did. Then the movie “A Christmas Story” comes to mind when Ralphie blames his broken eyeglasses on a fallen ice cycle rather than the BB gun.

Of course if it turns out to be true remind me to scream at the woman who always seems to be at the place where I get my gas that always is pumping her gas with her cell phone attached to her ear.

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