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May 02, 2005

Kerry Running in 2008; Run Kerry, RUN.

Posted in: Politics

The Kerry camp says John Kerry is running for President in 2008 according to The Washington Whisper of US News & World Report. I had to verify this link first to make sure I was not confusing it with The Onion or ScrappleFace.

“His family wants him to run again,” says one pal. Proof he’s in: Kerry has added names to his E-mail list of 3 million, kept johnkerry.com alive and kicking, raised boatloads of cash for friendly Democrats, and moved to seize control of hot-button issues like kids’ healthcare, the environment, and support for military families.

That’s funny, I thought that today’s hot button issues were Social Security, judicial nominees and an energy policy. Maybe thats the reason why Kerry lost the last time. No clue of what’s important to America. In what might be the quote of the year so far the Kerry camp is putting out the following:

The Kerry clan is also pushing the Clinton electability issue. “Donors and organized labor love Bill Clinton, ” says one Kerry friend. “But they’re telling everyone they’re terrified that she’d get stomped.”

Electability? Kerry making a comment on electability? Isn’t this the same failed Democratic candidate whose main reason why democrats voted for him was “anybody but bush“? Let us not forget the worst economy since Hoover and the quagmire in Iraq. How could Kerry have lost?

I just have one thing to say about a Kerry/Hillary Democratic primary debate: BRING IT ON. John Kerry thinks that the Republicans & Karl Rove played dirty during the elections, what on earth does he think that Hillary Clinton and her posse is going to do? What can only be billed as THE BOTOX vs the HildaBEAST, this should just be special. Who can’t wait for Teresa to make her insane comments toward Hillary? If she saw fit to make such terrible comments toward Laura Bush, one can only dream what will come from Teresa’s mouth. One can dare to dream that Teresa Heinz Kerry will tell Hillary to ‘Shove It’.

John Kerry coming back for more in an attempt to remain relevant until 2008. In the immortal line from Forest Gump, RUN KERRY, RUN.

Hat Tip: JJ at PoliPundit

Looks like the Political Teen thinks its a pretty ridiculous idea as well.

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