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December 23, 2008

Casey Anthony Not Allowed at Caylee’s Funeral and Anthony’s Supposedly Ask for Donations for Caylee’s Funeral

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Casey Anthony Cannot Attend Funeral and Who Will Pay to Bury Caylee Anthony?

How about the Anthony’s actually allow the people who seemed to care the most to attend the funeral of little Caylee Anthony, especially if they are going to ask the public for donations to pay for it?


According to reports out of Florida, Casey Anthony will not be allowed to attend the funeral of her 2 year old daughter, Caylee Anthony. Orange County Corrections has stated that the level of crime charged and the security risks make it impossible for any such event to take place. One could only imagine the media frenzy and public’s outrage if they let Casey Anthony out of jail to attend Caylee’s funeral. The daughter that Casey Anthony did not care enough to mention for a month that was missing and never reported to police.

According to Orange County Corrections, the level of her charges and the security risks she would pose by being out in public prohibit her from leaving jail.

Jail policy lists several conditions that automatically make an inmate ineligible to participate in escorted or unescorted leaves into the community.

Among those are people charged with Capital crimes, or those considered a security threat.

Heaven forbid we make it precedent that individuals charged and indicted on first degree charges are allowed to leave jail and attend the funeral of the person they are accused of murdering. I do not remember Scott Peterson being allowed to attend the funeral of his murdered wife and child.

Just when you thought that the Casey/Caylee Anthony case made your blood boil along comes the report from WFTV that the Cindy and George Anthony might ask for donations to bury Caylee. Wasn’t there a trust fund already set up for Caylee Anthony? Where did that money go? The public should once again be asking for an accounting of Caylee’s trust fund. Where did the money go that people donated and possible media interview payments went for licensed pics?


The Anthony’s will actually ask for donations from the public, yet bar the public from the funeral and make it private? Who does these people’s PR, Satan? The Anthony’s have publicly stated that “Whatever the truth is, they will stand by their daughter.” So now they are soliciting funds from the public, for a private ceremony where the public is not allowed and even if the truth is as all suspect that Casey Antony murdered their precious grand daughter Caylee, Cindy and George will stand behind Casey. Could there be any more dysfunction in this family?

WFTV-Channel 9′s Mary Nguyen reported that George and Cindy Anthony might ask for donations to bury Caylee. “The Anthonys are hoping the public will pay for their granddaughter’s funeral,” Nguyen said.

What do you make of that?

Conway said a trust fund will be established to pay for the funeral, and the family will seek donations from the public, Nguyen reported. The average cost for a funeral is $6,000, she added.

On WKMG-Channel 6, Conway said that George and Cindy Anthony are supporting Casey. “They want the truth, whatever that is,” Conway said. “Whatever the truth is, they will stand by their daughter.”

Mark William, news director at WNDB Newstalk 1150 and frequent guest on The Dana Pretzer Show on Scared Monkeys radio also made reference last night on The Nancy Grace Show (full transcript) that the Anthony’s were seeking donations for Caylee’s funeral.

Also, there`s a report out that the Anthonys are seeking donations for little Caylee`s funeral. That was one of the big stories tonight on one of the television stations here in town. And I ran that past a couple of people and they just could not believe that they would be asking for donations for their granddaughter`s funeral. They already have a trust fund set up already, and there`s a couple of thousand dollars in that, from what we understand, Nancy.

 To discuss the case, get updates and provide your opinions, go to Scared Monkeys.net: Caylee Anthony.

UPDATE I: Change of Heart, Anthony’s State there will be Public Memorial for Caylee Anthony.

Think the Anthony’s and their attorneys do not read Scared Monkeys? Think again. After stating that the Anthony’s would only have a private service for Caylee Anthony, they have now changed their minds and will have a memorial to two year old Caylee Anthony open to the public. Think the Anthony’s attorney is not trying to do damage control after the outrage of saying that only a private service. After all the caring and the public’s display of emotion for little Caylee, it is only right that the public get a chance to say good bye to Caylee Anthony.

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