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December 22, 2008

Anthony Grandparent Attorney Brad Conway Quick to Point Out That Items Taken from Home Belonged to Casey & Caylee Anthony … Zanny the Nanny Depo Canceled

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Is there trouble in the Anthony paradise? Are the rats jumping off the “Good Ship Casey Obstruction of Justice” and has it become every Anthony for themselves in the case of murdered two year old Caylee Anthony? Yes, it is 2 year old Caylee Anthony as we now know that sadly Caylee never made it to her 3rd birthday.  It has not been lost on the many that follow the case of Caylee Anthony’s death that Cindy and George Anthony, Casey Anthony and Lee Anthony all have separate attorneys representing them.


Why would all of the members of the Anthony family have legal representation if they have done nothing wrong? One thing is for certain, Caylee Anthony, She Deserved So much Better from her Family.

What is also peculiar is the comments from the Anthony grand parent’s attorney, Brad Conway, over the weekend quickly putting out to the media that the items taken from the home in Saturdays search belonged to Casey and Caylee Anthony. On Saturday, Orange County investigators obtained another search warrant for the Anthony home and removed items more items that officials state relate back to the Caylee Anthony wooded crime scene.

The attorney representing Caylee’s grandparents Cindy and George Anthony said Sunday that the items removed from their home Saturday by Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputies belonged to Caylee and Casey .

Brad Conway says some of the items taken during Saturday’s search warrant were Caylee and Casey’s clothes and shoes but nothing of George or Cindy’s was taken. “This time around they took items of clothing they took some shoes and a few other items I don’t want to address right now.”

Conway was also quick to point out that his clients, “George and Cindy were not upset about warrant being served day after announcement”. Is this the new side of the appearance of cooperation and non-conflicting statements from the grandparents? Most people believe that Cindy and George Anthony may be charged with obstruction of justice with their comments and statements following the disappearance of Caylee Anthony and their sudden 180 after the 911 call by Cindy Anthony that Casey’s car smelled like death.

What is also interesting and not lost on the public is that attorney Brad Conway stated that the depositions scheduled for Monday in the Zenaida Gonzalez lawsuit have been cancelled. What, you mean Cindy and George Anthony do not want to be deposed and say things that they know not to be true in a deposition that can be used against them in obstruction charges? Say it isn’t so. Why don’t the Anthony’s just admit there is no Zanny the nanny.

Conway asked Gonzalez’s attorney John Morgan to reschedule in light of Friday’s news and the request was accepted.

Casey Anthony attorney, Jose Baez, admitted on Geraldo at Large on Saturday night that “Casey has a history of lying but that doesn’t mean she killed her daughter”. Why not Jose? What it means when it’s one persons word against her, she is provided no benefit of the doubt when it comes to telling the truth. Casey is incapable of telling the truth which means her entire story of what happened to Caylee is a lie.

When one cannot tell a simple truth as to what happened to her daughter, dreams up a Zanny story of which no one has ever met, lies to police as to where she worked, lies to police as to where she left Caylee off to be baby sat by Zanny, there is a problem. Since Casey is a liar, what it means is that any alibi or story she tells where she claims innocence cannot be trusted. Baez in turn says look at the evidence. You mean like Cindy Anthony stating in a 911 call that Casey’s car smelled like death, the human decomposition found in Casey’s car, the presence of chloroform found in Casey’s car, the internet searches on the home computer, and the not one but two search warrants signed by a judge allowing police to search the Anthony home because of evidence found at the Caylee Anthony crime scene. You mean that evidence Jose?

“We have to rely on the science and the actual evidence and if the evidence is there she will be convicted if it’s not she should be acquitted it’s that simple you start looking at trying to convict people liars as killers we’re all in trouble.”


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