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December 16, 2008

Caylee Anthony: A Trail of Bones Uncovered and the Defense Already Claiming Evidence is Compromised

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As more and more evidence is uncovered less than a half a mile away from the home that Casey Anthony shared with her parents, Cindy and George Anthony, the defense team is already starting to lay the deceitful comments that the evidence has been compromised. Experts or not, high profile names in the forensic world or not … the defense will have an impossible time trying to dispute the fact that evidence from the plastic bag is consistent with that found in the home.  That and blaming all of this on Zanny the nanny, a person that no one has ever seen. Some one that only exists in Casey’s mind.

Investigators continue to sift through the crime scene on Orlando FL, less than 1/2 mile away from the home of Cindy and George Anthony. By all accounts they will continue to process the crime scene through Wednesday. Initially, a plastic bag, a skull and duct tape were reported as being found. Now it appears that that more bones have been found in the wooded area where the plastic bag was first discovered. WFTV is reporting that dozens of new bones have been found.

Search teams were starting where the bag with the skull was found and were slowly moving out in circles around that spot. While others bones were found, there were no details released on what kind of bones they were or if they are connected to the child’s skull that was found last week.

Eyewitness News has also learned other evidence has been recovered, but details on what the evidence was specifically have not been released. Crews were collecting whatever they find just in case it may be connected to the discovery of the skull.

On the Record with Greta Van Susteren: Piecing Together the Caylee Anthony Puzzle

VAN SUSTEREN: Dr. Baden, the news over the weekend, the past couple of days, that these little bones were found, any thought or theory? We do not know if they belong to the remains that were already found, and we are not even certain that it is Caylee yet, and so we may be ahead of ourselves.

But any thoughts on those little bones?

BADEN: Yes. What happens with adults and with children more so, the bones of the hand and bones of the feet are very small, and they can easily be brought out of wherever they are by little animals and by animals who poke through the plastic bad. And often they will bring them back to their nests and other places. So part of the search being done at the scene is trying to collect whatever bones might be in the area that animals may have moved around. And they could even be shoulder bones or arm bones can be moved by the animals.

What a shocker, forensic expert for the Casey Anthony defense is already saying that the evidence is compromised.  Timothy Huntington is blaming it on the bugs. And if they went to fast with the evidence the defense would then say they are not being careful with their examination.

On Good Morning America, a forensic expert said Monday there’s a need to speed up testing on the remains.

The expert, who specializes in insects, is on Casey Anthony’s defense team. Timothy Huntington said the study of insects could determine the time of death, but he said “insect” evidence changes over time and insects could be compromising evidence right now.

“The sooner I could get access to that, the better it is and the more accurate it will be,” he said.

Huntington said even scientists can modify insect evidence while conducting tests and that’s the reason why the defense team wants to take a look at the evidence at the same time as investigators.

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