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March 04, 2005

This Would Be Funny If People Were Not Dying

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Today China decided to have a sense of humor and lashed out at the US for human rights violations.This would usually be the joke of the day if China were not as prolific at human rights offenses. I simple Google search on the subject China Human Rights Violations get you 984,000 hits.

To know anything of the hypocrisy of the Chinese Government turning the tables on the US and claiming violation one needs to just remember Tienanmen Square. Fifteen years later and the the government still forbids any public commemoration of the event. Police harass and detain those dedicated to securing rehabilitation of victims, payment of compensation, or reconsideration of the official verdict.

The Chinese have referenced human rights violations and the report focused on US abuse of Iraqi prisoners. Meanwhile Chinese human rights violations are a systemic State sponsored program and has no end in site

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