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December 14, 2008

Casey Anthony Dream Team or is it Scream Team … Defense Team Grandstanding in front of cameras … Accusations of Compromised Evidence

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Jose Baez and the legal “dream team” … “all the king’s horses and all the king’s men are Humpty_dumptynot going to get Casey Anthony off of murder charges again.”

Defense attorney Jose Baez should have told his client Casey Anthony the following comment instead of making it an accusation against the Caylee Anthony crime scene investigators. If his client Casey had provided full disclosure from the outset, rather than never reporting her daughter missing and continually lying to the Orange County police, Caylee Anthony would have been found months ago and this case would never have come to this.

Full disclosure is really the best way to the truth. (Jose Baez, Saturday night interview with Geraldo Rivera, 12/13/08)

So why did the Dream Team show up at a crime scene that they knew they could not be a part of? The Casey Anthony “Scream Team” should have brought some cheese with that “whine” when they showed up  to the crime scene where the presumed body of missing Caylee Anthony’s body was thought to be recovered. Last Friday, 12/12/08, Jose Baez and his defense team was denied a motions to have their experts access to the autopsy and crime scene. What was most peculiar was the fact that the prosecution referenced at the hearing that they did not want defense experts to be privy to autopsy reports and suddenly appear on national cable shows at Dr. Henry Lee had previously done in the past in this case. So what did the defense team do, show up at the crime scene to get media camera face time.

Casey Anthony Dream Team Grandstanding for Media

Casey Anthony defense attorney all but accused the Orange County police and investigators of compromising evidence in a Geraldo Rivera interview Saturday night. In typical defense attorney fashion the Casey Dream Team showed up at the sight where the skeletal remains were discovered last Thursday knowing that they were not allowed at the crime scene. So why did they do it if not merely to be on TV?

We wanted to be able to observe, not interfere, just observe … We will see what they leave us with. [Why would they show at a crime scene they were not allowed access if not to interfere?]

I don’t want to accuse anyone of anything. What we would disagree with would be is they were using the investigative powers an authority to obstruct justice in the court room. [Didn’t Baez just make an accusation?]

Where it goes to is the science. That’s why we have put together a team that is second to none. The science isn’t going to lie. [no, that’s the job of the defense attorneys to spin the truth.] So, we just want the ability for that science not to get compromised. [Is Baez making the accusation that the evidence will be compromised?] And the opportunity to see everything. Full disclosure is really the best way to the truth.

However, the States Attorney had earlier argued and won in a legal motion that the police be allowed to do their job. What a novel concept that a crime scene allowed to be processed.

The  State Attorney’s Office, along with the representatives for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the Orange County Medical Examiner’s Office argued that the defense should not be allowed those privileges until all crime scene investigative work was complete.

Linda Kenney-Baden even went on to say that the police should have opened up the crime scene to the media and Geraldo Rivera. That certainly would have been a stroke of brilliance and jurist prudence. We can certainly see where the defense team is coming from to strictly muddy the water as once Caylee Anthony’s body was found, their client Casey Anthony and her pathetically weak story does not have a leg to stand on.

With a body, all the defense has to play as a card it the … police compromised the evidence. They are sticking to the ridiculous Zanny the Nanny story as they have nothing else. Attorney Baez, you would do best to have your client provide full disclosure at this point.

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