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December 15, 2008

Caylee Anthony: Skeletal Remains and Duct Tape, Duct Tape, Duct Tape and Casey Anthony … Anthony Home Searched, Part 2

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Breaking Down the Evidence in the Caylee Anthony case … the presence of duct tape.

Its all about the duct tape … Duct_Tape

The tragic news of the grisly discovery of a child’s skeletal remain that appear to be of missing Caylee Anthony was sad enough to learn. However, the later reporting that the skeletal remains had duct tape on the skull near the mouth area changed the collective mood from sadness to anger. How will the presence of duct tape be a case changer in the case against  indicted tot mom Casey Anthony?

From all accounts and what we have been able to confirm there was the presence of duct tape on the skull of the remains found last Thursday morning in Florida. The significance of the duct tape is extremely important to the case. 

Detectives have told Caylee’s mother’s attorney that the body size and hair color of the remains recovered are similar to Caylee’s and the discovery of the child’s skull with duct tape on the mouth is telling a much more gruesome story.

Since some in the media as talk show hosts or pundits cannot grasp the understanding of this evidence, we will explain it. First, use some common sense. What does it mean if investigators found duct tape still attached? It means that it was not something as simple as a small piece of tape being cut to simple cover a child’s mouth to keep Caylee from making a sound if she awoke from being exposed to chloroform. This would dispel the premise that Bounty hunter Leonard Padilla has been putting forth like a broken record for months.

Dispelling the Padilla Duct Tape Theory


PADILLA: Chloroform was used to put her to sleep so she could go to her boyfriend`s. And she put the tape across the mouth in case she woke. You don`t want to hear a child screaming out of a trunk of a car. It resulted in death instead of…


the above example could never have existed after 6 months of decomposition

Why would such a theory not hold water? Because if duct tape was simply put across the mouth of Caylee Anthony to keep her quiet there is no way that after 6 months of decomposition the duct tape could be attached. However, the fact of the matter is that duct tape was found attached to the skull of the remains found which means one of two things. One, the duct tape was completely wrapped around the entire circumference of the skull. Or two, a large enough piece of duct tape was placed on the face of the child victim that would have attached to the child’s hair that would have caused the duct tape to still be in place 6 months later. The only way that specifically the mouth could have been referenced is if some soft tissue was still present; however, one would hardly believe that a utility worker examined the remains that closely.  

That being said the argument has been then why would there have been duct tape found on the skull. Why would such a thing have been done? It could never have been to just merely keep a child quiet for the night while one partied. Reason: why would anyone put duct tape on a little girls hair as it would have been impossible to remove without cutting Caylee’s hair. No one, not even Casey Anthony would have done that to Caylee to simply keep her quiet if she awoke. So why the presence of duct tape?

One, since the Zanny the Nanny was concocted from the outset of this case it is completely believable that Casey Anthony intended to make the death appear to be that of a kidnapping and abduction. After Caylee was expired duct tape could have been attached to the child to provide the appearance that the little girl was kidnapped in case her body was ever found. If this did occur then the question arises, where did the duct tape get put on Caylee? The subsequent search and items removed from the Anthony home following the grisly discovery then makes sense. Why vacuum cleaners, pillow cases, etc? As we all know duct tape is a treasure trove of evidence. Could hair fibers matching the Anthony’s rug been found on the duct tape? Could Caylee Anthony actually have had her face duct taped inside the home of Cindy and George Anthony? It also explains why the police asked for the grandparents finger prints. Not to accuse them, but instead to exclude them.

Two, which is an even more heinous reason for the duct tape … did Casey intend on killing Caylee with forethought and malice as evident by “neck breaking” searches on the internet?

Next we will look into the duct tape and how it implicates Casey Anthony from evidence removed from the home …


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