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December 13, 2008

Blagogate: Obama, Rahm and Blagojevich Oh My … Oh What Tangled Webs We Weave, When We Practice to Deceive

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Hope and change you can believe in from Barack Obama … Just more typical politics, Chicago style. The question that needs to be asked is why did Obama lie?

Barack Obama has not even taken the oath of the Office of the Presidency of the United Spider_webStates and he is embroiled in a scandal … Blagogate. As Stratasphere states, The Obama Administration is now damaged goods, Obama lied to America. Did America really think that one could advance in the Chicago political machine and not have it rub off on them? Obama promised us change and has given us more of the same. He promised us change and appointed former Clinton White House staffers. He promised us change and now Obama is parsing words alla Bill Clinton.

I had no contact with the governor’s office. I did not speak to the governor about these issues. That I know for certain.”

As we have stated in the past, were Americans really supposed to believe that neither Obama or Rahm Emanuel were not going to have conversations and interactions with Blago? The very person who would chose the successor of Obama’s Senate seat? Come on Obama, we all did not just fall off a turnip truck. How could Obama not have a vested interest in who would take his seat? Obama would almost be derelict in his duties if he was not engaged in the process as to who would be the next Illinois Senator.

Also, why should anyone be surprised by anything that comes from the corrupt Chicago political machine? So many have stated from the outset as to who Barack Obama associated himself with. During this past Presidential election voters said it did not matter. Really? Anyone have buyers remorse? Barack Obama, a product of said machine stated the following regarding disgraced Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich regarding the alleged Senate seat for sale corruption scheme:

“I was as appalled and disappointed as anyone.”

“I have never spoken to the governor on this subject. I’m confident that no representatives of mine would have any part of any deals related to this seat,” Obama said at a news conference called to announce new appointments to his coming administration. “I think the materials released by the U.S. attorney reflect that fact.”

 As the Gateway Pundit states, Barack Obama has claimed that his advisors are not involved and have clean hands in this scandal. Rut-roh, it appears that that President-elect Obama’s hand picked Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, has spoken several times to Blago regarding an acceptable replacement. Gateway says, “So, it looks like besides the list of acceptable names and several conversations, Barack Obama is correct…”

Earlier today it was reported that Rahm Emanuel spoke several times with Rod Blagojevich about the open senate seat.
Now, it is being reported that Rahmbo was even giving Blagojevich names of acceptable replacements.


Swamp Politics: Rahm Emanuel, Blagojevich staff talked; Emanuel delivered a list of candidates “acceptable” to Obama, source says.

According to the UK Telegraph, Barack Obama aid, Rahm Emanuel, had repeated conversations with the Illinois governor accused of trying to sell a US Senate seat.

Sources close to the investigation said Rahm Emanuel, the new chief of staff, had conversations about the issue with Rod Blagojevich and John Harris, the governor’s chief aide who is also facing corruption charges.

It is claimed that at one point he even gave them a list of acceptable candidates to take over the vacant seat.

Suspicion has grown that Mr Emanuel is the unnamed “Washington based adviser” mentioned in the 76-page prosecutors’ affidavit that Mr Blagojevich ordered his chief of staff to contact.

Mr Obama, who takes office on Jan 20, has vehemently denied any of his staff were involved in deal-making and has promised to reveal any contact between members of his team and the governor’s office.

The sources close to the investigation did not say Mr Emanuel had discussed any deals, but even being on receiving end of corrupt demands could be damaging to him and Mr Obama. The sources told Fox News that it was likely the discussions were recorded.

The President-Elect pledged a new brand of politics during his campaign and could be embroiled in the scandal if it turns out any illegal approaches were not swiftly reported to the police.

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