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December 12, 2008

Now Defense Quick to Say Caylee is Dead: Casey Anthony Defense Team Says Skeletal Remains Found Are of Missing Caylee Anthony

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Do not ever forget who the Casey Anthony defense attorneys represent. Hint: it’s not the missing.

Let the Casey/Caylee Anthony case be a perfect example of where defense Casey_Baezattorneys allegiance lie. That would be their client and in this case that would be Casey Anthony. The defense team is hired and paid to defend Casey Anthony on a capital murder charge, not find or care about Caylee Anthony. Never could a defense attorney have the best interests of both Casey and Caylee, it would be a complete conflict of interest. The defense attorneys job was to provide reasonable doubt. Of course their job was just made that much more difficult when a child’s remains were found yesterday that from all accounts will most likely and sadly be ID’d as Caylee’s.

However, just when one thinks that case of missing Caylee Anthony and the indicted first degree murder tot mom Casey Anthony could not get any more bizarre. Ever since Jose Baez and the defense team for Casey Anthony was assembled, they have stated in that Caylee Anthony was alive even in the face of obvious evidence that showed just the opposite. However, now  the defense lawyers for Casey Anthony are saying that the skeletal remains found yesterday is that of missing 2 year old Caylee Anthony. The remains were found less than 1/2 mile from the home of Cindy and George Anthony. However, there has not been an official positive ID yet done by the medical examiner.  


Casey Anthony defense team never represented Caylee’s interests


They represented Casey’s interests, always

The defense team for the mother of missing Florida girl Caylee Anthony said the sheriff’s office is confident that skeletal remains found are those of the child.

Linda Kenney Baden, part of 22-year-old Casey Anthony’s defense team, said the Orange County Sheriff’s Office called them to say they believe the bones discovered in a wooded area near the Anthony home belong to Caylee because of the color of the hair and the appearance of the skull.

Linda Kenney Baden

Linda Kenney Baden

But police declined to confirm Baden’s statements, saying only that the remains are consistent with those of a young child and there isn’t enough information yet to positively identify the body as Caylee’s.


Casey & Defense attorney Jose Baez

Interestingly enough for months ever since Caylee Anthony went missing the defense attorneys for Casey Anthony and the grandparents, Cindy and George Anthony, refused to believe that Caylee was dead.

Every piece of evidence like human decomposition in trunk of the car of Casey Anthony was brushed off. It was ridiculously explained away by Cindy Anthony as a pizza.  Then there were the statements that the car smelled like death and that was shrugged off as well and blamed on a dead squirrel. So why the 180? Why is the defense team now saying that the remains found yesterday are in fact that of Caylee? This is the same defense team that has made it a point along with the grandparents to call every little girl between the age of 2 and 5 in a bus stop, mall, air plane and restaurant was Caylee Anthony. So what does the defense team know? Did they get the tip from their client that it is Caylee?

Probably not; however, the real reason lies more in the fact that it now behooves the defense to say that Caylee is dead and do so as soon as possible to positively ID the remains. The defense lost a motion today in court to have their people at the autopsy because they had no standing to be there as there has been no legal confirmation that the child remains found yesterday are that of Caylee Anthony. The defense team has made the logical assumption that a child of the same age range, hair type and found in such close proximity of where their client had access is Caylee. Thus, the idea of putting forth the false notion that there are Caylee sightings across the United States as if she was Elvis are no longer a productive defense. What are their only options now that a body has been found for their client? DNA. The defense team now knows that only legal experts trying to confuse a jury with Phd over the top DNA opinion can save their client. Why else would they have tried to be able to witness an autopsy of remains that has not even been properly ID’d to be the very individual who their client is accused of murdering?

Get ready for the OJ-like DNA experts to try and confuse the simple. This is their only hope at this point. Of course one might want to questions exactly how all these high priced legal experts are being paid? Where is the money coming from to pay for the Casey Anthony legal team? Inquiring minds would like to know.

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