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December 07, 2008

Caroline Kennedy Possibly to be Named to Hillary Clinton’s NY Senate Seat … What is Wrong with Today’s Govt … Entitlement!

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More “Kennedy Entitlement” coming soon to the US Senate? Is this the pay back that Ted Kennedy will receive for his early endorsement of Barack Obama?

Who will fill the role of Hillary Clinton as Senator from New York after Clinton begins obama_caroline_kennedyher new role as Secretary of State in the Obama Administration? One name out there is Caroline Kennedy, a daughter of America’s most storied political family who for many years fiercely guarded her privacy.

However, it appears that an entitlement legacy for the Kennedy’s is now more important to Caroline Kennedy. According to the NY Post, Ted Kennedy has been working behind the scenes to have Caroline Kennedy, an individual who’s only qualification to be a senator is her last name, be Hillary Clinton’s replacement. The sense of entitlement by the Washington elite must end if there is to be any perception by “We the People” that politicians even pretend to care about their bob of serving the people.

What is one of the biggest issues that confronts American politics today? The sense of entitlement. The idea that name and money trumps accomplishment and a willingness to do the work of the people. It is the entitlement that comes with the “Kennedy” name where everyone is supposed to stop what they are doing and bow, drop to their knees and pray toward Hyannisport, MA and the Kennedy compound. Why does every fool think that a Kennedy in office is going to some how bring back the days of Camelot? I cannot say that I agree all that often with Firedog Lake; however, in this case we will make an exception.

The woman has never run for office in her life.  We have no idea how she’d fare on the campaign trail, or how well she could stand up to the electoral process.  She simply picks up the phone and lets it be known that she just might be up for having one of the highest offices in the land handed to her because — well, because why?  Because her uncle once held the seat?  Because she’s a Kennedy?  Because she took part as a child in the publics romantic dreams of Camelot?  I’m not quite sure.

There’s an enormous problem in the Senate right now with entitlement, with the sense that its members owe their allegiance to each other and not to the public.  Witness Joe Lieberman’s recent confirmation of Homeland Security Chairman, when Democratic Senators circled the wagons and helped him hold on to power — despite the fact that he refused to hold hearings into the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina and protected billions of dollars in contractor graft from being investigated.  Nobody, including Howard Dean, seemed to think that his performance record as head of the Committee was something that should even be taken into consideration.

As the QandO blog states, it is rather amazing how selective that Democrats can be when it comes to entitlement and individuals who have no experience to serve in certain positions. Funny how 99.9% of Democrats did not have the same opinion of Barack Obama when it came to the idea that the presidency was “not a place for anyone to be wearing political training wheels.”

The new Senate [country] is going to face incredible challenges in the upcoming session, and we’re lucky this year that it will be infused with some much-needed new blood. It’s not a place for anyone to be wearing political training wheels.


I would not bet on it. This would be a great going away present to Ted Kennedy, a staunch supporter of Obama. Politics is nothing more than repaying favors.

THE odds of Gov. Paterson choosing Caroline Kennedy to re place soon-to-be Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in the US Senate are no better than 20-1, a source close to the governor said yesterday.

The source was responding to news that Sen. Ted Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and other family members have been pushing hard for Caroline to replace Clinton.

“It looks to me like [Caroline's cousin] Bobby Kennedy may be trying to push Caroline more than Caroline is pushing herself,” a Paterson administration source told The Post.

UPDATE II: Kennedy Is Said to Be Politicking for His Niece

Is it any wonder why politicians have such a low approval rating these days. Serving in the House and Senate is no longer about working for the people, its about privilege, entitlement and a family names legacy.

While Caroline Kennedy is maintaining her public silence about whether she wishes to succeed Senator Hillary Clinton, her uncle, Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, has been working behind the scenes on her behalf, according to Democratic aides.

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