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November 05, 2008

Obama Wins Presidency to become First Black President … So will People Stop Calling us Amerikka?

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History was made last night, the American voters spoke and elected Barack Obama the 44th and first black President of the United States. Let this be a lesson to all those that have preached the message of racial hatred and have made it into a cottage industry, the United States of America is a shining beacon on the hill and can overcome any adversity from its past. Now that America has shown they can elect a black President it is time to repudiate all those that would continually play the race card. Repudiate all those who would continually profit while dividing America. You know who you are.

Barack Obama cruised to victory Tuesday night in an historic triumph that promised change, overcame centuries of prejudice and fulfilled Martin Luther King’s dream that a man be judged not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.

Let us just hope that President-elect Obama realizes his opportunity and governs by and for all the people. Read Obama’s full victory speech HERE. However, talk is cheap and actions speak louder than mere words. As we have always stated, in life it is all about character and it is up to Barack Obama to now reveal his. We shall see how he decides to govern and how he plans on reuniting a country. Barack Obama, you have won and election and now it is time to show who and what you really are and how you will bring positive Change that America needs as a whole, not to a select few or a party. You have been provided an opportunity that many never thought possible, it is up to you to use your position wisely. The speeches are over, it is time for Obama to prove to “We the People” made the right choice.

Let us hope for America’s sake that CHANGE just does not mean the election of a black President and that from Barack Obama’s perspective it means much more. However, one things is for certain after last night … no longer do any of us want to hear that the United States is a racist bunch of people. As Michelle Malkin states, so much for AmeriKKKa. Not just in the past, but during this Presidential election the race card was played more times that an Ace/King in an all night Texas Hold ‘em poker game.  America showed not only America but the world last night that we are far from a racist country as many would have lead you to believe. That myth is done and over! There are many including President-elect Obama who need to apologize for the over use of the race card and help heal and unite America post election for the many irresponsible and hateful accusations that were made. That would be a nice start in reaching across the aisle.

Let us not forget the nasty cries of RAAAAAAACISM from Democrat leaders Harry Reid and Barney Frank, New York governor David Paterson and Rep. Gregory Meeks. Let us not forget the whisper campaigns by the media about a nationwide Bradley Effect and the sliming of Sarah Palin and her rally audiences as unrepentant racial bigots.

According to exit polls, Obama not only nailed down his base of minority and women voters, but also took the male vote by a narrow margin. McCain held on to just over half of whites overall.

To those across the Pond in Europe who have called America a racist country I would now say put up or shut up! Until the day comes where France, England, Germany and the rest elect a black leader it’s time to “ferme la bouche” or “ferme ta gueule”. The next time that the MSM interviews someone from Europe and they make an AmeriKKKan  reference maybe some one should follow up with where is your minority leader?

Blood Thirsty Liberal has an interesting and scary take on the election … It’s Not the US of KKKA, It’s the US-SSR

On the negative side, we may just have elected a black Jimmy Carter.

On the plus side, “I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage.”

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