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October 29, 2008

The Ever Changing Obama Tax Threshold ($250,000? $200,000? $150,000) … How Low Will it Go and include All?

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There are three certainties in life, death, taxes and that Democrats will always raise your taxes. For months Barack Obama has stated that he would only raise taxes on those families making more than $250,000 a year. It has been questioned that Obama once in office would lower this amount to fit the massive spending initiatives that he has proposed. As Joe the Plumber had warned and we at Scared Monkeys had questioned as well, when will Obama’s sliding threshold lower to include many more in the middle class than originally stated.

Obama’s position in the past was that he would raise taxes on families making more than $250,000 a year and individuals making more than $200,000.  But in his new ad, “Defining Moment,” he seems to lower it to $200,000 for families. “Here’s what I’ll do as president,” Obama says in the ad.  “To deal with our current emergency I’ll launch a rescue plan for the middle class That begins with a tax cut for 95 percent of working Americans. If you have a job, pay taxes and make less than $200,000 a year, you’ll get a tax cut.” That seems kind of ambiguous, but the graphic on the screen says clearly: “Families making less than $200,000 get tax cut.” Now, the McCain campaign is pointing out something that Joe Biden said in a Pennsylvania TV interview yesterday:

Obama, what happened to families making $250,000? Obama is already lowering the threshold.

Listen to Joe Biden now say that the threshold for middle class is $150,000 a year. So what is it Obama-Biden, $250,000, $200,000 or $150,000? How soon will it be before the middle class is considered below $100,000? Think all voter who consider themselves middle class should be concerned … YOU BETCHA!!!

UPDATE I: Is It No Wonder that Joe Biden is being Kept Under Wraps by Obama Campaign

As Time Magazine calls it, HIDDIN’ JOE BIDEN. The MSM has wanted to focus on Sarah Palin and how much of a detriment she has been to John McCain; however, it is Joe “gaffe a minute” Biden who has been the issue during this Presidential campaign. Is it any wonder that Obama has put a leash on Biden and if possible would have ordered a judge to put a gag order on his own VP. It must be bad if even Karen Tumulty of Time states that Biden is less accessible than Sarah Palin.

But traveling with Biden during this campaign has sometimes been like reporting on a politician packaged in shrink-wrap. While his windy, off-point pontification was the stuff of legend among his Senate colleagues, Biden is now leashed to a teleprompter even when he is talking in a high school gym that is three-quarters empty. The exposure hound who in recent years appeared more often than any other guest on the Sunday talk shows is a virtual stranger to the small band of reporters on his plane — less accessible than even Sarah Palin is to her traveling pack of bloodhounds. And Biden keeps to a schedule that provides a minimum of off-the-cuff encounters with voters, except across a rope line. See Joe Biden’s defining moments here.

The muzzling of Joe Biden

Joe Biden, The Quiet Man

The muzzling of Biden seems unnatural and inhumane, like taking a proud lion into captivity. Biden, who once scolded Sarah Palin for ducking reporters, hasn’t given a news conference since Sept. 7. The king of the rhetorical jungle hasn’t taken questions from voters in a town hall forum since Sept. 10, when he famously said that Hillary Clinton is “more qualified than I am to be vice president” and “might have been a better pick than me.” He doesn’t even do much chitchat with supporters at events since he was caught on tape on one such occasion contradicting Obama’s energy policy.

Now even Palin takes questions from reporters on her campaign plane. But the wordiest man in Washington has to make his remarks short, sweet and canned.



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