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March 03, 2005

Simplicity is Earthshaking

Posted in: Main,Politics

For our Democratic brethren it is confounding. Here is this simpleton of a President who says the most outlandish things. Demanding freedom and democracy in the Middle East. What is he thinking? Those people are autocratic. The Muslim faith has no room for people to think for themselves. There leadership are not prepared to turn over power. It is all about Oil and Haliburton. OUR CHILDREN ARE DYING FOR OIL!!!

The traditional press and intelligentsia proclaim that change in the Middle East is impossible. Case Closed. This will cost Bush the Presidency. This will weaken his 2nd term.

Then the inconceivable happens. We go into Iraq and Afghanistan, repair the infrastructure (both human and physical), and provide the tools for self determination. They have elections amid grave threats from the old autocrats and Islamic Terrorists who have worked hard to get the power to subjugate the populace. The stand in line, vote, and determine their freedom.

And the neighboring countries watch. The leadership are scared. The populace is entranced. “Could I be free”, they ask.

And there is George Bush standing at his Inauguration telling them that freedom is theirs if they want it.

And there is George W. Bush at the State of the Union address, telling them that freedom is theirs if they want it.

And there is George W. Bush telling Old Europe, the previous subjucators of the Middle East, not to interfere with the people if they want freedom.

And the people and leaders of Lebanon hear the call of freedom. And they respond.

And the people and leaders of Egypt hear the call of freedom. And they respond.

And we sit back and wonder, who is next.

And even the New York Times says on their editorial page that Bush may not be the complete moron that we thought he was.

Maybe Simplicity is the answer. There are so many complicated parts to diplomacy, but in the end it comes down doing what you say. Cowboy Diplomacy. That rugged characteristic that defined America for so long.

I sit here at my desk thanking God for George W. Bush. I appreciate the wisdom of the American people to allow him to serve 4 more years.

He is making the world a better place for my children. It is that simple. And these days I like simple in my President.

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