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October 16, 2008

Barack Obama’s Joe the Plumber Spread the Wealth a kin to John Kerry’s “Global Test” Comment 4 Years Ago

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John Kerry to Barack Obama … One Socialist to Another, Same Song Different Candidate.

For anyone actually paying attention and actually holding Barack Obama to his spoken word … Obama’s Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher comment of spread the wealth should be chilling and down right frightening. If you think Obama’s spread the wealth comment reeks of socialism, you would be correct. One should ask themselves how is Obama’s socialism comment regarding distribution of your wealth any different that the 2004 John Kerry gaffe when he said that matters of American foreign policy need to pass a global test? The answer … it isn’t. However, sadly America seems today to have no issue with higher taxes, questionable associations, socialist policies and a presidential candidate who wants America to be just like Europe ultimately passing Kerry’s Global test.

Why was a socialist global test a fatal blow for John Kerry, yet Obama’s socialist economic plan of spreading the wealth ok? Voters should ask themselves that question on their ride to the polls.

There is a reason why “Joe the Plumber” references were abound during last nights third and final Presidential Debate. Joe the Plumber said, “It’s pretty surreal, man, my name being mentioned in a presidential campaign.” The American people may just want to hold Obama accountable on spread the wealth as its only a matter of time before its your wealth that is being redistributed. McCain did not say it, however, I will … do you really believe that a Socialist Democrat like Obama is going to cut taxes? PLEASE!

AMERICA … Joe the Plumber is YOU!!!

The Gateway Pundit explains that in last nights debate between Obama and McCain, it was Joe the Plumber who had the best line of the night … “Obama’s Proposal Scares Me Because It’s Just One More Step Towards Socialism”

ABC: Joe The Plumber: Obama Tax Plan ‘Infuriates Me’

John McCain may have found a blue-collar face to help him argue that no American — not even the richest 5 percent — should pay higher taxes.

“Joe The Plumber” has weighed in on Wednesday’s presidential debate and he says that Barack Obama’s tax plan “infuriates me.”

“To be honest with you, that infuriates me,” plumber Joe Wurzelbacher told Nightline’s Terry Moran. “It’s not right for someone to decide you made too much—that you’ve done too good and now we’re going to take some of it back.”

“That’s just completely wrong,” he added.

The Politico:  Joe the Plumber, encounter with Obama, the Illinois Senator “a tap dance…almost as good as Sammy Davis, Jr.”

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