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October 15, 2008

Barack Obama & the Plumber … Socialism … He Wants to Spread Your Wealth Around to Others

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Obama’s socialism … if you make too much money according to an arbitrary number Obama_socialists-changedetermined by The Chosen One, the government will tax you and redistribute it to other people. Who is to say when the present target dollar number is lowered as per The Chosen One? Obama’s socialism … change you can believe will destroy us.

If you do not think that Obama is about redistribution of the wealth, listen for yourself. If anyone thinks that socialism is the cure for an ailing US economy … I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

Make no mistake about it “We the People,” Barack Obama is a socialist and wants to spread your hard earned money to others who have done nothing to earn it. Out of Obama’s own mouth, … “I think when you spread the wealth around it’s good for everybody.” What is even more amazing and is a perfect example of why “We the People” need to hold Obama accountable as the media never will. A plumber had more balls to confront Obama and ask him why his tax plan will tax him and tax the American Dream.

As the Gateway Pundit stated, Obama spewed his socialist lines to the wrong plumber
Check out The People’s Cube and their “I can’t believe it’s not earned” Obama Wealth spread. This is classic.
UPDATE I: Obama – ‘Spread the Wealth Around’ Reveals Socialist Plan for America; Interview with Joe Wurzelbacher
Its sad that it takes a plumber to do the medias job
JOE WURZELBACHER: Initially, I started off asking him if he believed in the American Dream and he said yes, he does – and then I proceeded to ask him then why he’s penalizing me for trying to fulfill it. He asked, “what do you mean,” and I explained to him that I’m planning on purchasing this company – it’s not something I’m gonna purchase outright, it’s something I’m going to have to make payments on for years – but essentially I’m going to buy this company, and the profits generated by that could possibly put me in that tax bracket he’s talking about and that bothers me. It’s not like I would be rich; I would still just be a working plumber. I work hard for my money, and the fact that he thinks I make a little too much that he just wants to redistribute it to other people. Some of them might need it, but at the same time, it’s not their discretion to do it – it’s mine.
UPDATE II: Obama No Longer the Chosen One, Now he is Robin Hood. However, Obama is “robbin” from you.

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