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October 13, 2008

Is Texas Equusearch Pulling Out of the Caylee Anthony Case?

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Say it isn’t so Texas EquuSearch …

Is Tim Miller and Texas EquuSearch pulling out of the search for missing Caylee Anthony? That is the tenor of the interview with Orlando FOX35 over the weekend. Honestly, who would blame TES if this is their ultimate decision with tough economic times, so many other missing person cases open and as the story states, “the fact that the Anthony’s are not cooperating.”  However, before I would believe anything from the media with the poetic license they take with people’s words I would rather get it directly from the horses mouth. We will follow up with Tim Miller and report back later.

One could hardly imagine trying to search for a missing child only to have road blocks thrown up by the very family of a missing person. No one should ever put preconditions on the search for a missing person. All we can do is pray for the best, but in the back of our minds prepare for the worst. We can understand the family wanting to believe that their loved one is still alive and will be brought back safe. However, that does not mean denying the facts and the evidence at hand. One should never give up the hope of having a missing loved one return; however, in many cases coming home means just that … coming home.

The fact that Miller says Equusearch has already spent $44,000  on the search for Caylee, only having recouped $5,000 from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and another $7,000 from private donations, and the fact that the Anthonys are not cooperating, is forcing Miller to reconsider continuing the search.

Miller flew into Orlando on Thursday with a few members of the group and a board director.   New York Times bestselling author Judith McNaught is helping with the financing and came to support Tim in what she calls “a draining case.”

“I’m out here to write checks, that’s what the Board of Directors does, because we all want it to turn out so well,” said McNaught.  “At the same time, this is the first time I’ve made a public appearance on any case, because he (Tim) is so exhausted,” she said, adding “I’m worried about our main resource.”

The truth of the matter is that Texas Equusearch helps so many families with missing loved ones, cases that the MSM will never cover as they do not generate ratings. TES has never been about ratings, they have been about results and returning missing persons home. They have a remarkable track record to prove it.

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