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September 27, 2008

Casey Anthony … Text Messages, Web Search, Pics on Laptop … Multiple Searches on Missing Kids Websites Before Caylee Anthony Goes Missing

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Even more information is released in the case of missing Caylee Anthony that is damning to Caylee’s mom, Casey Anthony. Hundreds of pages of new documents were released including computer forensics which indicate no reference to Zenaida Gonzalez in photos, IM’s emails, etc to the nanny. Also released were web searches under Casey Anthony’s login ID for missing persons websites as far back as March, long before Caylee Anthony went missing. Why would anyone go onto missing children websites prior to their own daughter going missing? Casey Anthony hardly seems like the caring sort that would read up on missing children cases out of concern.

So now we are presented with the following facts in the case of missing Caylee Anthony.

  • Casey started discussing the horrible smell from the car prior to Caylee reported missing … blame it on the squirrel.
  • Casey is reviewing missing children web sites prior to Caylee Anthony going missing
  • Web searches for chloroform on computer.
  • Presence of chloroform in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s trunk.
  • Decomposing body in the trunk of Casey Anthony

For more information, updates and to express your opinions on this case, go to Scared Monkeys.net Missing Persons: Caylee Anthony.

One of the most disturbing finds on Casey Anthony’s hard drive was a picture of a little girl looking up at a Teddy bear with a noose. The picture was an anti-death penalty drawing with the caption, “Why do people kill people, who kill people, to show people that to kill people – is bad?”

On July 8, 2008 this picture was down loaded on Casey’s computer. After Caylee Anthony went missing, Casey is going onto anti-death penalty web sites.


Also on hard drive was Casey Anthony’s IM conversation with former Sheriff’s deputy and lover Anthony Rusciano. Casey Anthony refers to Caylee as a Little Snot Head.

Read TEXT Messages HERE. (Warning: conversation not suitable for work or minors)

  • nyitaliano3: come on over ill cook
  • casey o marie: ha, want me to bring the little snot head?
  • casey o marie: didn’t think so
  • nyitaliano3: i meant when she is occupied by another adult

Explicit Online Conversation Between Casey Anthony, Lover Released

Why did Casey Anthony search the following web sites below? Escort service?


UPDATE I: Nancy Grace Transcripts from September 26, 2008

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, GUEST HOST: Breaking news tonight in the desperate search for a 3-year-old Florida girl named Caylee. In the last hours, more shockers. Six hundred pages of bombshell documents, photos, video, cell phone records, text messages, and stunning police interview tapes have just been released. Tonight, we are showing you the last-known video of little Caylee before she vanishes. And a highly-disturbing image is discovered on Casey Anthony`s laptop.

Also, grandmother Cindy`s stunning police interview caught on videotape. You will see it here tonight, just a few of the many bombshells emerging tonight, giving us an in-depth look into Casey Anthony`s lifestyle and her mindset around the time little Caylee goes missing. It`s business as usual for mom, Casey, partying and showing very little emotion after her toddler disappears. All the while, she is complaining and griping that being a mom is so exhausting.

A big question: Why were there multiple searches for missing kids` Web sites on the Anthony family`s computer, using Casey`s log-in, months before little Caylee disappears? But tonight, the biggest question of all remains. Where, oh, where is little Caylee?

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