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September 19, 2008

Casey Anthony Calls 911 for Protestors but Not for Missing Daughter Caylee Anthony

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Caylee Anthony went missing on June 9, 2008; however, was not reported missing until July 16, 2008 when Cindy Anthony called to report that her granddaughter was missing. In all that time Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony could not find it in herself to call 911 to report her daughter missing. Then once Caylee was reported missing, all Casey could do is lie to police as to how her daughter went missing. The lies of giving Caylee to the baby sitter Zenaida Gonzales or telling police that she presently worked at Disney. After all the lies and the stone-walling of police … NOW, NOW Casey Anthony calls 911. Unbelievable, her daughter goes missing and no 911 call and now she calls police and asks to have people arrested. Its not just them Casey who need to be arrested. Casey actually has the audacity to say the police did nothing who came earlier … IRONIC AIN’T IT CASEY?

Casey, instead of calling 911 on the protesters, why didn’t you start your own investigation as to why they were protesting? Let’s be consistent … that’s what you claim you did for Caylee.


Isn’t it amazing the detail that Casey Anthony provides the 911 operator and yet somehow she can’t remember what happened to her missing daughter or the telephone number of her nanny of 4 years. Casey Anthony is dictating to police that she needs help now … yet she waited over a month to tell her family that Caylee was missing.

GRACE: This is her demanding police, going all valley girl on the police on 911 — I`m about to play it for you — insisting they come back out there, Somebody needs to be arrested. But yet when her own daughter is missing, she didn`t call police?

The following 911 call from the Nancy Grace show for September 18, 2008. FULL TRANSCRIPT HERE.

911 OPERATOR: Do you know if there`s any weapons?

CASEY ANTHONY: I don`t know if there`s any weapons. I know that my father`s outside, and so is my mother. So please send as many people as you possibly can. [you do not know if there are any weapons, Cindy Anthony is holding a baseball bat and spraying people with a garden hose.]

911 OPERATOR: And who is this?

CASEY ANTHONY: They need to be arrested because this can`t keep happening. We already had six or seven officers out here (INAUDIBLE) 45 minutes, and they didn`t do anything. And these are the same punks that were out here all night throwing stuff at our house.

911 OPERATOR: OK. Stay on the line with me, OK?

CASEY ANTHONY: I absolutely will. But they need to hurry up. They were — they just left not that long ago. [Now police need to hurry. Not when Caylee Anthony was missing, but when they are needed to deal with protesters who are fed up with the families lies.]

911 OPERATOR: The police officers?

CASEY ANTHONY: The police officers just left about 1:00 o`clock, yes.

911 OPERATOR: OK. Stay on the line.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That makes sense to you? It makes sense to you that, I`m trying to help the police find my daughter by giving them a bunch of bad addresses? That makes sense to you? [Casey did not seem to have a problem lying to police, now she wants their help.]

CASEY ANTHONY: That`s what I said, yes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, no, I`m asking you. That makes sense to you? My attempt…

CASEY ANTHONY: That part of it, no, not at all.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My attempt to help him find my child — OK, what I`ve done to help him find my child is I`ve given him a whole bunch of addresses to go to that are bad addresses. That`s what I did to help him try to find my child. That makes sense to you?

CASEY ANTHONY: I took him to the last place that I`ve seen my daughter. Besides that, I took them to other places that I`ve seen…

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK, when you brought us here — when you brought us here to go look in your office, that was supposed to help us how? Because everything we`re doing here is about finding your daughter, OK? So I want you, OK, to explain to me how coming here to go to an office that you don`t have — I want you to tell me how that`s helping us find your daughter.


GRACE: Straight out to Mark Williams with WNDB 1150. Mark, what`s the latest?

MARK WILLIAMS, WNDB NEWSTALK 1150: Well, the latest, of course, it looked like a battle royale overnight in the east part of Orlando last night. Around midnight, Casey — or Caylee — Cindy Anthony called 911, the dispatchers there, saying the protesters had been in front of her house and they started to throw things, of course, at the house. They turned out to be coins. The cops came out. They shooed the protesters away. About 1:30 then, the protesters returned again. Casey, Casey Anthony gets on the phone…

GRACE: Mark — Mark Williams?

WILLIAMS: Yes, sir? Yes, ma`am?

GRACE: Aren`t you a little surprised Casey Anthony didn`t launch her own investigation for the next 31 days, like she did trying to find her missing daughter?

WILLIAMS: Well, you know…

GRACE: This is her demanding police, going all valley girl on the police on 911 — I`m about to play it for you — insisting they come back out there, Somebody needs to be arrested. But yet when her own daughter is missing, she didn`t call police?

WILLIAMS: She was very indignant on…

GRACE: Somebody throws a nickel…

WILLIAMS: … that phone call…

GRACE: … at their house and they call police?

WILLIAMS: Yes. And she sounded very indignant on those phone calls. We`ve all listened to them just a couple of moments ago, and I`ve heard the full version of them. And it`s, like, I won`t help you, but you`ve got to come out here and help me.

GRACE: You know what? You`re right. Let`s take a listen right now, Mark Williams.


911 OPERATOR: About how many people are out there?

CASEY ANTHONY: There`s at least a dozen people, and now two media vans. And there`s actually more people walking in from across the street.

911 OPERATOR: How many people are actually involved in the alteration?

CASEY ANTHONY: I already did! I already did!

Channel 2 news has everything on tape already.

GRACE: OK. How many people are involved in the altercation?

CASEY ANTHONY: There`s at least a dozen people. My mom`s out there now, spraying people with the hose, or my father is. They`re trying to get them off the property. They`re also trespassing on our property besides. I know…

911 OPERATOR: And it`s still happening? They`re still…

CASEY ANTHONY: They`re still standing on the property, yes. They`re out there recording it.

911 OPERATOR: Well, what about the physical altercation? Is it over?

CASEY ANTHONY: It`s already over. Yes.



911 OPERATOR: It`s no longer physical?

CASEY ANTHONY: It`s no longer physical, but it was already physical…

911 OPERATOR: Is this a protester, or is this a resident?

CASEY ANTHONY: It`s the protesters.

911 OPERATOR: No, I`m saying, Who are you?

CASEY ANTHONY: I`m the resident. We have everything on tape, thanks to Channel 2, and also our home surveillance.

911 OPERATOR: Was there any weapons involved?

CASEY ANTHONY: Not that I could see, no.



911 OPERATOR: Are both your parents outside?

CASEY ANTHONY: Both of my parents are outside, yes.

911 OPERATOR: Are they separated (ph) or are they throwing (ph) a verbal?

CASEY ANTHONY: It`s still verbal. And there`s still at least a dozen people on our property. Mom`s bringing my dad inside, so at least my parents aren`t outside, but their (INAUDIBLE) get taken care of immediately.

911 OPERATOR: Are they inside now?

CASEY ANTHONY: Yes, my parents are inside right now.

911 OPERATOR: What happened?

CASEY ANTHONY: Both of my parents were hit by two of the protesters. As you heard from both my parents, Channel 2 has it on video.




CASEY ANTHONY: So can we get people out here immediately.

911 OPERATOR: There`s somebody on their way. I just need you to stay on the line, OK?

CASEY ANTHONY: OK. I`ll stay on the line until somebody comes. No problem.

911 OPERATOR: All right, we have several units on the way.


911 OPERATOR: Just stay on the phone just (INAUDIBLE)

CASEY ANTHONY: I will. OK. Thank you. Well, one of the vehicles just left (INAUDIBLE) have the tags. He just left. You already have the tag.


CASEY ANTHONY: Yes, the guys just left. They just got in the car and left. I`m watching the street.

My mom went outside and got the tag information for the vehicle that had been out in front of our house for the last three-and-a-half hours.

911 OPERATOR: OK. So that`s the people that were involved in the physical?

CASEY ANTHONY: Yes, they were the people that were involved in the physical altercation. We have the make and model of the vehicle and also the tag numbers.

911 OPERATOR: OK. The make and model is…

CASEY ANTHONY: It was a white Ford Expedition.

911 OPERATOR: OK. Was it a Florida tag?

CASEY ANTHONY: Yes, it was a Florida tag.


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