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September 07, 2008

Search for Caylee Anthony Temporarily Called Off … Suspended Due to Conditions and Water Levels

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Search efforts temporarily suspended, not permanently …

The search by the Orlando Sheriff’s Department and Texas EquuSearch for Caylee Anthonymissing Caylee Anthony has been temporarily suspended. According to accounts, the conditions of the areas where TES is searching have a considerable amount of water present.

On Sunday, the group cited environmental conditions and concerns for stopping the search.

Texas EquuSearch leader Tim Miller said the volunteers cleared off the areas they had of interest the best they could, but he said when Caylee disappeared, those areas were very dry and now those areas are holding a considerable amount of water.

Scared Monkeys was able to talk to Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch this afternoon to get details from him directly. Tim states that the 1200 people who showed up yesterday to search for Caylee was impressive and inspiring. Tim Texas-EquuSearchMiller also stated that today’s news of the suspended search should only be looked upon as a temporary issue. As soon as the water resides TES and the Orlando LE will be back searching for Caylee. Tim Miller pointed out that because water levels are so much higher today than when Caylee Anthony went missing, it was necessary to postpone searching until levels were reduced to a similar level to the date in time when little Caylee disappeared.

Please note that the search being called off today is only temporary. With water levels being so much higher than they were when Caylee Anthony went missing, there is no alternative but to temporarily suspend the search.

The team of volunteers — which numbered in the thousands Saturday — is disbanding due to flooding conditions which director Tim Miller said has been preventing them from being able to properly search for the missing toddler.

During a 3 p.m. news conference with Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary, Miller he feared the searchers’ vehicles could possibly run over the body of Caylee Anthony if she was submerged under flood waters. Miller said he did not want to compromise any evidence.

Miller also stressed that the suspension of the search is only temporary, and that the group would return to find Caylee as soon conditions improve.

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