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August 02, 2008

Barack Obama … The Chosen One … the Obamamessiah … Effective & Funny John McCain ad

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If you cannot laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

Barack Obama and the Left need to take a chill pill because McCain’s new ad, The One, if actually funny. In order for something to actually be funny, there needs to be some truth in it and not just a mean attack. The left can complain all they want, this ad was funny and effective. Maybe that’s why they are complaining. But I guess the Left would think differently if it was an ad portraying McCain in a wheel chair and paralyzed? Or something really funny like dealing the race card from the bottom of the deck.

So much for John McCain being old, tired and stuffy. The latest John McCain political ad is edgy and sarcastic. It portrays Obama in exactly the light that he has been presenting himself and the ridiculous manner in which Democrats and the media have been fawning over him as if he was really the Obamamessiah. 

This ad one is not only effective, it is funny. No wonder the Obama, his campaign and the Left are up in arms crying foul. Barack Obama as the chosen “One”. Any time one can use a Charlton Heston reference to Moses parting the Red Sea in a parody of Barack Obama’s actual words, you have a winner … “this was the moment when the rise of the ocean began to slow and our planet began to heal”.  Why is it that it is OK for Obama to give speeches as if he was preaching from a pulpit and referencing divine intervention, but when he is called on it for the ridiculousness of its folly … he gets upset?

Below are actual Barack Obama comments. He needs to get over himself.

“We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for”

“I have become a symbol of America returning to our best traditions”

“A light will shine down from somewhere, it will light upon you. You will experience an epiphany and you will say to yourself, I have to vote for Barack”

Of course the reaction from the naive, not ready for prime time, complain about everything Obama camp is to whine some more and call it, ‘sad…juvenile antics.’ What hasn’t Obama and his complained about and stated are topics that are off limits. Is this yet another one? But I guess playing the race card is considered OK from Obama and his political team.

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