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April 26, 2005

Chrenkoff has a masterpiece up tonight

Posted in: Bloggers,General,Politics

He covers the paucity of comment from Senator Kennedy over the anniversaries  of the successes in Iraq, while he opens his bilious mouth to attack us on Abu Ghraib.

He ends it with the brilliant line he attributes virtually to Taranto, “Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment”.

This is a great follow up to these article by Jay Tea over at  Wizbang;


Here’s a movie plot:

A man, ambitious for political power, makes a deal with the devil: in exchange for power and success through his sons, he will surrender his soul.

The first son is killed in war.

The second son achieves the presidency, and the father suffers a crippling stroke that leaves him virtually unable to communicate.

The second son is assassinated.

The third son is well on his way to the presidency when he, too, is assassinated.

The fourth son accidentally/negligently gets a young woman killed, forever denying him the presidency.


and this one

Falstaffian role, ill-suited and ill-trained for the role destiny thrust upon him. And yet he muddles on, flailing from one scandal and misstep to another, constantly chafing under the ill-fitting crown given him as the champion of liberalism.

Edward Moore Kennedy, Sr., was the last of nine children of an incredibly powerful and driven man, and from the outset it was clear little was expected of him. The fourth of four sons, he could tell from the outset his father — the legendary Joseph P. Kennedy — set far more stock in his older sons. First came Joseph P. Junior, the old man’s namesake and heir presumptive. Then came John Fitzgerald, named after his maternal grandfather, legendary Boston politician John Francis “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald. Robert further honored Honey Fitz by bearing his middle name. Ted grew up knowing he was named after the family’s long-loyal chauffeur, Eddie Moore. Joe’s plan was for Joe Junior to become the first Irish Catholic president, to be succeeded by Jack. Robert would help his older brothers, and Teddy would… well, they’d find something to keep him out of trouble.


Jay Tea deserves a great deal of credit on these posts, they are some of his best work yet!

What a week for Senator Kennedy, Jay Tea and Chrenkoff nailing him. God Bless America!

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