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April 26, 2005

Who Knew Frist Had a Spine and a Clue

Posted in: Media,Politics

As previously posted in Frist has a backbone, News at 11 and other posts today showing the polling numbers on judicial filibusters; comes an interesting ploy by the MSM of protesting too much. The Boston Globe article entitled, ‘Frist eyes compromise to forgo filibuster ban’, is somewhat puzzling and at the same time rather telling.

Bill Frist, the Senate majority leader, yesterday brushed aside calls from conservatives to make good on his own suggestion and immediately ban filibusters of judicial nominees, saying he’ll keep working with Democrats to avoid a bitter, politically damaging showdown.

”There are other avenues to be explored that I’m exploring aggressively,” Frist, a Tennessee Republican, told reporters in a rare news conference held on the Senate floor.

Frist said he will soon float a compromise plan and promised to ”exhaust every opportunity” before seeking to change Senate rules to eliminate filibusters, the main weapon in the Democrats’ political arsenal against the judicial appointees. He maintained his commitment to guaranteeing up-or-down votes on judges, however, meaning a confrontation remains highly likely.

Let’s take the MSM for their word, a rather scary and troubling thought, that a majority of Americans are against Frist changing the rules and that there are many Republicans that are wavering in their vote for the so called “nuclear option“.

Here are the questions that need to be asked:

1) Why would Democrats want to make any kind of a deal to head off this showdown if all the polls and public opinion are on their side?
2) If as the media and Democrats claim, that such action by Frist will be detrimental to the Republican Party why would Democrats wish to let Republicans off the hook?
3) If Harry Reid and the Democrats claim to be standing upon principle in dealing with the filibuster of judicial nominees and that the ones in question are TOO CONSERVATIVE & OUT OF THE MAINSTREAM, why would they allow any of these judges to the bench?

The answers to these questions and so many others that it looks like as always the MSM likes to take liberties with the facts and polls. Let’s poll individuals who first have little to no knowledge of the situation at hand and if they do let’s word the poll question to get the response we want. I think its safe to say that pretty much no MSM poll is worth anything anymore.

As stated, Democrats would never settle for a compromise and spare the Republican party a damaging blow. Thus, looks like the nuclear option may not be such a bad idea after all. Maybe Bill Frist will learn something from GWB; the hell with polls, stick to convictions and go for it. Senator Frist may just be learning.

Update: From AP, Frist to Reid – No way Jose.

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