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July 04, 2008

French Students Laurent Bonomo & Gabriel Ferez Robbed, Tortured and Murdered in London, England

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Bizarre and Heinous Murders in London, England …

What would possess someone to stab one victim 196 times and the other 47 times. Many of the wounds were inflicted after the two students were already dead. Then methodically try to cover the crime scene with a fire.

Bound up by their attacker or attackers, they received multiple stab wounds in the head, neck, back and torso.

Mr Bonomo was stabbed 196 times, Mr Duthie said. Almost 100 of those wounds were inflicted to his back after his death. Mr Ferez was stabbed 47 times. (Times on Line)

A robbery that appears to have gone bad across the Pond of two French bioengineering students turned into a heinous torture and murder case that has shocked both sides of the Atlantic. There appears to be a burglary link to this double murder.  Bonomo and Ferez were students at Universite Blaise-Pascale in Clermont Ferrand, France. Bonomo and Ferez  had arrived in London in May to do research at Imperial College They had planned to return to France at the end of July. A grisly murder put an end to those plans.


Laurent Bonomo (left) and Gabriel Ferez (right)

Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez, both 23, appear to have been robbed, tortured and murdered in a ground floor apartment in New Cross, southeast London last Sunday night. What is more heinous is that the two students were bound and stabbed at total of 244 times. They were then set on fire and burned so badly that DNA had to be used to identify them. What could possibly have been the motive to exact such cruel actions upon an individual?

The victims were bound and repeatedly stabbed across their bodies. Police said they had suffered a total of 244 wounds. Police told ABC News that Bonomo was stabbed 197 times, while his friend received 47 stab wounds. Both men suffered injuries to the head, neck and chest.

Police told ABC News that no weapon had been found despite an extensive search. In a statement, police said they are studying limited closed-circuit TV footage of the area.

“I have never seen injuries inflicted to bodies like this before,” Detective Chief Inspector Mick Duthie today told a news conference at Scotland Yard.

Local police and Scotland Yard can find nothing in the two students back grounds that would link them to any criminality that would explain their deaths. Police say they have no idea why the students were killed, but the deaths highlight a recent spate of youth violence in the city. According to reports a laptop had been stolen from the flat in Sterling Gardens, New Cross, south London six days earlier.

“A black Packard Bell laptop was taken during a burglary that took place between 0500 and 0600 on the morning of 23 June, 2008. Someone entered the living room of 12 Sterling Gardens and stole the computer.

“Laurent Bonomo said he was in the shower when he heard a suspicious noise. He found the window of his living room forced open and his laptop was stolen.

Murdered by robbers: ‘Genius’ French students’ mobile phones were stolen from London flat

Police hunting for the killers of two French students have discovered their mobile phones had been stolen from the flat where they were bound up, tortured and killed.

Detectives are now following a ‘strong line if inquiry’ that Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez, both 23, were killed in a robbery that escalated into a horrific double-murder.

Police have now discovered their phones and two Sony PSP games consoles were stolen from the ground-floor bedsit in the quiet cul-de-sac.

Murdered student’s fiancee tells of grief

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