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June 27, 2008

Price of Oil Hits $140 a Barrel … Politicians Have Done Nothing for 30+ Years

Posted in: Economy,Energy,Government,Politics

Politicians have done nothing with regards to energy policy in the US for 30+ years and a vote for Obama will continue the pattern. A vote for Obama means no drilling and no immediate help to “We the People”. If politicians do not want to use any responsible form of help to reduce the burden on Americans for energy costs, then they should be voted out of office. The help needs to be immediate, not 30 years down the road.

As the price of a barrel of oil reached $140 for the first time ever and prices at the gas pump are over $4.00 a gallon and increasing, ask yourself why? How is it that our Federal government, Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike, all have done nothing for 30+ years except act like absentee landlords to the American public.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com)  Oil reached $140 a barrel for the first time ever Thursday following reports that Libya may cut production and an OPEC official said crude could hit $170 a barrel this summer.

Meanwhile, the dollar’s decline against the euro added further upward price pressure.

Every single option must be explored which includes short term offshore drilling for oil and drilling in ANWR, medium term ideas like increasing nuclear and energy and long term alternative fuel implementation. It is obvious that we must wean ourselves off of foreign oil and in many respects oil in general. However, that will not happen over night. We also must conserve; however, that is not the only answer.

The truth of the matter is that all options must be explored and implemented. The political bickering in Washington, DC must end and end now. The oil crisis is destroying the American economy and individuals. This is now a matter of national concern and national security. Politicians have sat back and made enough excuses, on both sides. There is no reason why a solution cannot be made to solve the problem and it is their job to do it for “We the People”.

However, the political posturing and nonsense goes on. As Republican Presidential candidate John McCain says drill offshore, Democratic candidate Barack Obama criticizes him for it.  Why the criticism? Because in the 2000 campaign McCain favored a moratorium on offshore drilling. Earth to Obama … IT AIN’T 2000 YOU IDIOT!!!  It costs $30 a barrel in 2000.  The year is 2008, gas and oil prices are through the roof and people are suffering. Funny, Obama sat in his church pews for 20 years and listened to anti-American rhetoric from his pastor Reverend Wright and seemed to change his mind in 2008 to finally distance himself. What’s the difference?

What does Obama think is going to happen this winter to the people in New England (that bastion of blue states) when it comes time to heat their homes with oil? The voters in New England best take a good look at what they are about to spend in heating bills under an Obama Administration.

The likely Democratic nominee pledged to keep in place the federal government’s 27-year moratorium on offshore drilling, and criticized McCain on changing his position on the matter.

Said Obama: “The politics may have changed but the facts haven’t.”

In McCain’s 2000 campaign, the Republican said he favored the moratorium. This week, he said he supports lifting it to give states the option to drill, and cited as a reason alleviating the pressure on consumers facing high gas prices.

McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds responded that Obama is rejecting measures needed to lower gas prices. “The American people cannot afford Barack Obama’s do-nothing, out-of-touch energy policy,” Bounds said.

This is what energy policy has become in the US. One side trying to adapt to changing global conditions and righting a wrong, while the other side merely criticizes.

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