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May 27, 2008

Aruba: Marlboro Ballpark Fire … “Fire Under Control”

Posted in: Aruba,Bizarre,WTF

Words once again defying pictures in Aruba. After finally getting to the fire, Aruban firefighters had the blaze under control really fast. What, after the damage was done? Sounds like a metaphor for everything that transpires.

Office Marlboro Ballpark burns out ; Amigoe 5/16/08Aruba_Fire_Brand-Mansurpark

ORANJESTAD – Firefighters rushed out yesterday after having received a reporting on a blaze in a house near the Marlboro Ballpark.  When they arrived, they realized that it was not a house that was burning, but the office of the stadium.  It was very difficult for the firefighters to reach the building that was burning, because all the entries to the stadium were locked.  With a lot of difficulties and climbing they managed to enter the stadium to start extinguishing the fire.  They had the fire under control real fast after that.


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