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May 20, 2008

Tim Miller and TES search for Jose Tromp in Aruba (UPDATE)

Posted in: Aruba,Missing Persons,Search and Recovery,Texas Equusearch

Tim Miller and members of Texas Equusearch are presently in Aruba searching for missing Jose Manuel Tromp. Jose Tromp has been missing in Aruba since November 27, 2007.

From the Texas Equusearch web page:

Tim Miller and members arrive in Aruba to meet with law enforcement, Jose_Trompattend a press conference, and develop a plan for searching. A message to Tim Miller from your team members at home: “We are so proud of you and your continued commitment. You display a constant dedication to the families of missing loved ones no matter what nationality they are or where they live. As you stated before you left, Jose’s family loves him just as much as Natalee’s family loves her and as much as any other family loves and misses their lost loved ones. God Bless You for following your heart and coming to the aid of another family no matter what the circumstances are. Be safe in your efforts and come home safely and soon.”

As Tim Miller has always said regarding missing persons … you are not alone … and all missing persons deserve to be brought home.

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