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May 20, 2008

GUTLESS Republicans … TN Senator Bob Corker Tells Tennessee GOP to Stop Free Speech … Corker Sides with Obama’s … Spouses Not Fair game

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TN Senator Bob Corker, another shining example of why the Republican Cry_babyParty is in shambles and Republican voters are turning away from the process. Gutless Republicans have done more to destroy their own party than any Democrat or the Main Stream Media. Corker’s comments are a perfect example of why Republicans may not even be able to carry Tennessee for McCain in ‘08.

To the Republican Party … You GUTLESS bunch of elitist … ever wonder why you are in the minority in both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate? Every wonder why Democrats now have the majority of State Governorships? Wonder why it is being projected that in this Falls election in 2008 that the Republican party is going to lose even more seats?


A day after the cry baby Obama’s go on Good Morning America, whining like a bunch of school kids who didn’t get their way regarding “so-called” attacks against Michelle Obama … Republican Senator Bob Corker has stepped in and condemned the Tennessee state Republican party for running an ad criticizing Michelle Obama’s lack-o’-pride comments.

The office of Senator Bob Corker, Republican from Tennessee, has weighed in today, siding with Senator Barack Obama’s objections to the state’s G.O.P. Web campaign against Michelle Obama.

To recap, the officialdom of the Tennessee G.O.P. posted a Web spot that mines remarks Mrs. Obama made in February that “first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country.” The ad repeats footage of her speaking those words, interspersed with comments from Tennesseans, talking about how they’ve always been proud to be an American.

…Mr. Corker’s chief of staff, Todd Womack, demanded that his boss’ state party remove the Web ad:

After the Republican National Committee damaged our campaign with their infamous ‘Call Me’ ad — which we immediately denounced — we have strongly encouraged the national party and state parties to absolutely refrain from getting involved in negative personal campaigning, and we have asked the state party to remove their You Tube ad from their Web site.

Republicans will be in much better shape if we spend our time focused on issues like reducing federal spending, lowering the cost of health care and creating a coherent energy policy.

As was posted yesterday regarding if spouses are fair game, they are if they put themself out their to be. The question at hand is are candidates spouses Fair game? The answer is it depends on how the spouse presents them self. Why is Michelle Obama off limits, yet Bill Clinton is not? What’s the difference, I thought women wanted equality? Funny, no one cared when Republican candidate Fred Tompson’s wife, Jeri Thompson Kehn, was called a trophy wife and much worse. The heck with spouses, GWB’s underage children were not even off limits during his two terms and they were not even campaigning.

Even before her husband’s campaign is official, Jeri Thompson has had her share of publicity. She has had to fend off insinuations about her age and good looks — including a New York Times reference to her as a “trophy wife.”

As Michelle Malkin  remind us, how is it negative, personal campaigning when Michelle Obama is speaking on the stump on behalf of her husband? No one is calling Michelle Obama ugly or stupid, those remarks are reserved for Donkeys making references to GWB.

“Negative personal campaigning?” What’s “personal?” Michelle Obama is out on the stump, speaking on behalf of her husband. The only thing “negative” about the Tennessee GOP’s ad came from Michelle Obama’s mouth.

Is it “negative personal campaigning” when candidate spouse Bill Clinton’s public campaign trail remarks are scrutinized, criticized, and analyzed?

Are we to shut up about him, too? Will the Republican civility-mongers not stop until the Right is completely disarmed?

Hot Air provided us with the Ad in question. Why is Michelle Obama above criticism for her spoken word? Are we to believe that Bill Clinton is not called on the carpet for his comments? Why are certain spouses exempt from political scrutiny? Spouses should be exempt only if they act like spouses during the campaign. However, as Hot Air states the second they become political operatives, they are fair game.

When spouses become campaign surrogates, as Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, and Cindy McCain have, then their statements on the stump are completely fair game for criticism. The Tennessee GOP should continue to run this ad, and Corker should worry less about protecting women from themselves and more about whether he can carry his state for John McCain in the fall.

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