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May 16, 2008

MySpace Mom Lori Drew (Josh Evans) Indicted For Role in online Hoax of Suicide Death of 13 Year Old Megan Meier

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It was the internet MySpace hoax that disgusted the world. The result was the suicide of 13 year old Megan Meier. People cried out for justice and initially there was none. Finally, there appears to be JUSTICE FOR MEGAN.


(13 year old Megan Meier)

Justice is served in one of the most sick and pathetic cases of cyberbullying on record. Its bad enough when pre-teens and teens do it, but when an adult does it to a teenager … it defies all logic. Let this be a shot across the bow to future cyberbulliers, prosecutors are breaking new legal ground on the internet. If one thinks they can hide behind their key board and do anything, think again. To “keyboard cowards” every where, there will be consequences to threats made and your actions.

49 year old Lori Drew, or should we say her faux online persona Josh Evans, was indicted in her role that led to the suicide of 13 year old Megan Meier. Its about time! It was an internet MySpace hoax that will most likely change the rules as to personal conduct on the web. Lori Drew created a MySpace account and began chatting with Megan Meier under the false identity of a 16 year old boy, Josh Evans. Lori Drew has been charged with one count of conspiracy and three counts of accessing protected computers without authorization to get information used to inflict emotional distress on the girl.


(Lori Drew)

She was charged with conspiracy and fraudulently gaining access to someone else’s computer.

Megan hanged herself at home in October 2006, allegedly after receiving a dozen or more cruel messages, including one stating the world would be better off without her.

Salvador Hernandez, assistant agent in charge of the Los Angeles FBI office, called the case heart-rending.

“The Internet is a world unto itself. People must know how far they can go before they must stop. They exploited a young girl’s weaknesses,” Hernandez said. “Whether the defendant could have foreseen the results, she’s responsible for her actions.”

Key events in the Megan Meier case

 The Feds acted after state authorities said they had no grounds to prosecute the woman, despite national outrage at her behavior. It sadly appeared at one point that no charges would be filed as Missouri prosecutors could find no crimes to charge Lori Drew with. It was simply criminal.

She set up a MySpace profile for the imaginary boy, complete with a picture of a random handsome youth, and then contacted Megan. “Josh Evans” chatted with Megan for about six weeks. He called her “sexi” and offered to take her out on a date.

Megan’s parents said their daughter, who struggled with her weight, was thrilled by the attention from a “hot” boy.

But then “Josh” turned on Megan. Among the last things Megan saw online on Oct. 16, 2006, were postings saying “Megan Meier is a slut” and “Megan Meier is fat.”

Her parents said the last message from “Josh” said, “Everybody hates you. … The world would be a better place without you.”

Megan hanged herself in her bedroom closet. She was about to turn 14.

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