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May 13, 2008

Missing Norwegian Dawn Cruise Ship Passenger Mindy Jordan Went Overboard was “Clowning Around”

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Clowning Around or something far worse? Parents of missing Mindy Jordan state their daughter was in an abusive relationship.

Mindy Jordan has been missing since Sunday May 11, 2008 when she Mindy_jordanreportedly went overboard the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship. Search efforts were done, but to no avail. According to Jorge Caputo, Jordan’s boyfriend, Mindy Jordan was clowning around and she fell over. Clowning around?

Julie August of Mt. Laurel, N.J., tells the South Jersey Courier Post this morning that her sister, Mindy Jordan, is the missing passenger. She says she and other relatives learned of the 46-year-old nurse’s disappearance from her sister’s boyfriend and traveling companion, Jorge Caputo, who was there at the time of the incident.

“He said she was clowning around and she fell over,” August told the Courier Post, a sister paper to USA TODAY. “Who knows? We weren’t there.”


Relatives of the missing 46 year old nurse Mindy Jordan are calling for an investigation into what happened as they think something is wrong with the story and does not add up. Smell test #1: What person has their spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend go overboard and continues on the cruise to its destination as opposed to staying with the search for their missing loved one?

Clowning around or not, Jordan’s distraught relatives are calling for an investigation into the incident, which occurred just off the coast of New Jersey.

“It’s just not adding up,” August tells the Courier Post. “My sister is a professional. She’s a nurse and a mother. This is not somebody who’s going to be jumping up on a rail.”

Jordan’s mother, Louise Horton of Bordentown, N.J., expressed frustration with Jordan’s boyfriend to WPVI-TV, an ABC affiliate in Philadelphia. She told the station that when she talked to him on the ship, she asked him what he was going to do about the situation, and “he said, ‘well I guess I’m just going to have to go on to Bermuda.’ So, he’s continuing his trip as usual.”

The U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City launched two Dolphin AC Coast Guardhelicopters during the night that spent several hours searching for the missing New Jersey woman. FBI now involved in search for missing cruise passenger.

The mother of missing Mindy Jordan says that her daughter was in an abusive relationship according to CBS2.

The woman who fell to her apparent death off a cruise ship on Mother’s Day off the coast of Atlantic City was the victim of an abusive relationship, her mother told CBS 2.

Louise Horton said she saved her daughter’s voice message fearing the worst – that because of an abusive relationship, she wouldn’t come home.

“Abusive relationships don’t get better,” she told CBS 2.

“That would be totally out of character. She was 4-foot-10, weighed about 98 pounds. She wouldn’t go near a rail, this fellow beat her a couple of times,” said Andrew August, Jordan’s father.

“He was abusive and controlling,” said Horton. “She would never jump. She had two children she loved.”

UPDATE I: Woman’s fall from cruise ship caught on tape

The line issued a statement late Wednesday saying surveillance cameras on the inside and the outside of the ship caught the entire sequence of events leading up to and following the deadly fall of Mindy Jordan, 46, of Pine Hill, N.J., and the line offered a minute-by-minute synopsis of what occurred. 

The details are likely to end growing speculation that foul play was involved in the incident Sunday aboard the Norwegian Dawn, which has drawn national attention in the media. Jordan’s family has fueled the flames of the speculation the past three days by publically criticizing Jordan’s boyfriend and traveling companion, Jorge Caputo, who was with her on the ship.

UPDATE II: Report of video of woman’s fall doesn’t satisfy mother

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