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May 01, 2008

John Kerry, Former Failed Democrat for President, Rips MSNBC for Rev. Wright/Obama Coverage … The Damage is Done

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Isn’t it amazing how politicians want to forget the past when it does not WH IIIbehoove them? Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, another failed former Democrat for President, wants the media and people to move on off of character issues and the Reverend Wright story. One would suppose that would be their agenda when their past is haunting them, much like Kerry’s post Vietnam actions did. The Swift boat Veterans will haunt Kerry for the rest of his days. When the past is damaging, the political mantra is to only talk about the future and the spin that is your vision. How can any rational person not look at one’s past to determine what they will do in the future?

WITT: Okay. He said it. A 20-year relationship. Reverend wright married him. He is the one who baptized a god parent. How personally painful is this for him?

KERRY: Can I say something to you? Obviously it is painful and he said it. You folks need to let go of this. Television needs to stop dwelling on something that is in the past. I thought Barack Obama yesterday gave America his second big presidential moment of this campaign. The first when he spoke out about the issue of race. The second yesterday, when he made it clear, every one of the statements of the minister are just unacceptable. They’re not the person that he knew before. Now let’s move on  … (Huffington Post)

John Kerry should have been a comedian. Barack Obama is a politician with no track record and with one sentence we are supposed to just forget about 20 years of judgment in his life. This from the man who wants to be President.

In all due respect Senator Kerry, if Barack Obama has no character and cannot be trusted, no one wants to listen to him about his plans. A President is given 4 years, some are blessed with 8 to lead. They are not given 20 years to figure out suddenly that what they had been dealing with was some how different than what they initially thought. Who cares what some one says, their actions speak volumes.

Obama_Wright poll2

The numbers do not lie, Wright has hurt Obama

Obviously Obama wants the Wright issue to go away, its tanking his favorability ratings as Democrats prefer Hillary, according to a FOX News poll. The Obama camp can spin all they want, the Wright damage is done and will never go away.

Nearly half of Democrats (48 percent) think Hillary Clinton has a better chance of beating John McCain in November — 10 percentage points higher than the 38 percent who think Barack Obama can win, according to a FOX News poll released Wednesday. This represents a significant shift from March, when Democrats said Obama was the candidate more likely to beat McCain.

Democrats continue to favor Clinton as their party’s leader, albeit narrowly: 44 percent want her to win the nomination and 41 percent want Obama. Last month Clinton was preferred by 2 percentage points.

Full poll results here.

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