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April 12, 2008

EXPLOITATION: Ultimate Fighting (Mixed Martial Arts – Cage Fighting) for 6 Year Olds … WTF are Parents Thinkings? Its Dog & Cock Fighting for Chldren

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The sport has been derided as “Human cock fighting”. Guess what, it is!!!Wtf_dude

Exploit (definition): to use selfishly for one’s own ends.

Barbaric and exploitation or Sport? You make the call … let’s hear your opinion.

What is next … giving children guns, knives, spears and clubs and letting them battle it out to the death like in the days of the Roman Coliseum? What happened to stuff like in the 1980’s and “The Karate Kid” where children were taught a respectful martial arts discipline? The advent and glorification of MMA fighting for children is as if the evil Kobra Kai actually beat Daniel LaRusso. We are handed the line that MMA is the “Karate Kid” teachings of the new generation. What bunk. There was just no one in the 80’s that would allow or tolerate such nonsense. Did children change? Or is it those that would exploit children and get away with it that did?

What the hell has this country come to where we would allow “Ultimate Fighting” for children as young as 6 years old. The state of Missouri should be ashamed. This is the message that we are teaching our young? Better yet, how can anyone think that this will not translate to their general behavior outside the ring? Let alone the potential injuries and lasting damage to their bodies by blows to their heads, body and spine. Who knew that this ridiculous sport of cage fighting would make its way to children. How irresponsible could some actually be? Just because Ultimate fighting is the nation’s hottest spectator sport, does not mean that it should make its way to children. There is no counting for adult stupidity … please do not harm the children.

Take a good look at this VIDEO, these children are wearing no head protective gear.

Does anyone else think that this promotion and exploitation of children and violent behavior has not gone on too far? To those who would defend this exploitation, please do not compare it to children playing football or other organized sports. There is a big difference between a sport and a competition where the point is to beat your opponent senseless. What type of message does this really send to young boys?

Children should be neither the recipients nor perpetrators of punches, body blows and swift kicks. I wish it was mandatory that before any parent could sign up a child for such organized nonsense, he or she also be thrown into a ring and receive the same blows.
Reportedly, this is being taught under the guise of self-defense. Is this now the preferred way of teaching children how to deal with conflict?

If our children are in need of these extreme skills, I’m wondering what they need to defend themselves from, and more importantly, if we adults are neglecting our job of protecting them in the first place


Then there are those that would defend these violent actions. The true mark of any exploitive action is actually trying to find good in what can only be looked upon as offensive. These are the people that would compare “ultimate children fighting” as the same as a fight during a hockey game. In one instance penalties and suspensions are given, in the other … it is the root evil of the sport.

Two members of the group called the “Garage Boys Fight Crew” touched their thin martial-arts gloves in a flash of sportsmanship before beginning a relentless exchange of sucker punches, body blows and swift kicks.

No blood was shed. And both competitors wore protective gear. But the bout reflected the decidedly younger face of ultimate fighting. The trend alarms medical experts and sports officials who worry that young bodies can’t withstand the pounding.

Tommy Bloomer, father of two of the “Garage Boys,” doesn’t understand the fuss.

“We’re not training them for dog fighting,” said Bloomer, a 34-year-old construction contractor. “As a parent, I’d much rather have my kids here learning how to defend themselves and getting positive reinforcement than out on the streets.” (AOL Sports)

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