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April 08, 2008

OUTRAGE!!! The Tragic Tale of Becca McEvoy … Victimized By Stepfather Bob Ingle & Then Again by the US Legal System (Part 1)

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For anymore who ever cared about their children and protecting children from Becca_mcevoynot only child predators but our legal system as well, you must read the following story. To those in the media I would ask … Who is looking out for Becca McEvoy?

Since when in the United States do we care more about the rights of pedophile than the rights of children and justice for children who have been victimized!!! Law makers and judges better get their collective acts together before we look at them with the same disdain as we see the pedophiles and child predators themselves. Be prepared to be outraged by the story of Becca McEvoy.

Who has heard of the names and stories of 11 year old Rebecca “Becca” McEvoy and 13 year old Kristen Howard? The sad answer to that question is most likely, not many. The real question is why not!!! Maybe its because the media is too busy covering stories on what rehab Britney Spears or Lindsey Lohan in in. Maybe Paris Hilton has a new video out on the internet. Or maybe for some reason the media wants to more promote the stupidest video of the day on YouTube. If the media wants to play videos, they should play the following and I suggest all should watch them as well:


As we sit back and hear some of the media discuss, some the most inane news of the day, I have to continually ask myself why have we heard nothing of two little girls who were not victimized once by being molested, but a second time that may be even more heinous.


Listen the family members and friends of Becca McEvoy speak out and discuss the case with Dana Pretzer on Scared Monkeys radio regarding 11 year old Becca. Be prepared to be outraged.

Who is Becca McEvoy? Becca was an 11 year old girl with her whole life ahead of her. She had all the hopes, promise and dreams of an 11 year old. Becca was a precious little girl with a dazzling smile, who would light up a room.

MOBILE, Ala.) March 12 — Becca McEvoy’s personality spills out of Becca15pictures, photos taken of her before a terrible accident.

She was goofy, pouty, and her cousin, Theresa Jordan says, Becca’s smile was dazzling. “Her little smile, she’d just come in the room and light up the room.”

Family members wanted Becca’s face to be shown in the attached video of this news report because she doesn’t have a voice… not anymore.

Unfortunately that would not come to pass as we read from her obituary that Rebecca Lynn “Becca” McEvoy, a student at First Baptist North Mobile School, died Monday in an area hospital.

Becca had a story and a secret to tell. That story lead to the investigation into rape charges against Bob Ingle, a former Chickasaw police officer and stepfather of Becca McEvoy. At the time, a 10 year old Becca mustered the courage to tell doctors and police her story of sexual abuse allegedly at the hands of her then step father. Bob Ingle was charged with rape, sodomy and sexual abuse.

However, the case gets worse if that is possible for Becca McEvoy and her family. 11 year old Becca McEvoy after being sexually molested would later die in a car accident before the rape case ever went to trial. In steps the lawyer that would defend a child predator wanting to dismiss the case stating that his client has constitutional right to cross examine his accuser.

“If we can’t use what she said, the case is over,” said Steve Giardini Rebecca pics 034who prosecutes child sex crimes for the Mobile County District Attorney’s office. He says there will be a hearing to determine if what Becca said before her death can be used in a trial.

That hearing was supposed to be held on March 13. It has been pushed back for a second time in order to accommodate cases where the victims are alive. Giardini says he wants to prosecute the case. Whether he can will be up to a judge.” She’s not here and her case might not be seen and if its not, I feel like I failed her.” (NBC 15)

Can you imagine that the fate of justice for a little girl is now in the hands of a judge. Please do not let children be victimized twice. It is bad enough that an 11 year old was raped, but to allow her to be raped again by the legal system is beyond shameful.

Yet again there was another form of victimzation by low life’s who have a special spot reserved in hell that would use the death of a 11 year old girl as a scam for their monetary gain.

Much more to follow …

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