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March 03, 2005

It Finally Happened, A Cold Day in Hell

Posted in: Fun

After 86 years it has finally happened, pigs are taking flight and snow balls have just been found in hell. The Red Sox have finally gotten that trip where all champions go, to the White House.

What better President to finally honor the Boston Red Sox and their long suffering fans, present company included, than a baseball savvy, ex-baseball owner who will be remembered for throwing out the first pitch in Yankee Stadium Game 3 after 9-11 like he was the starting pitcher.

GWB was given a Red Sox jersey with the #43 on it by Republican supporter, Pitcher Curt Schilling. The jury is still out as to what was more amazing; the fact that the Red Sox actually won the World Series or that fans from New England Blue States were cheering as GWB honored the Sox.

No event in Washington, DC could be without its partisan & gamesmanship as “Red Sox principal owner John Henry and GM Theo Epstein who both supported Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry showed up a bit late for the ceremony.” Also the ceremony started early without MA Senator John Kerry present. After 86 years, who does not show up on time for this event when one is from MA?

Please do not make us wait another 86 years, I beg you.

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