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April 21, 2005

Uno sputo. Anzi, due. (One Spit, Indeed Two)

Posted in: Bizarre,Fun,Main,Politics

I had thought I had previously posted on Jane Fonda and her run in with a Vietnam Vet, but I was mistaken. From our friends at The Right Nation, this is one of my favorite versions of the story. Of course the fact that its in Italian only makes it that much better. I hope my translator works this time, or a close spitting image of the actual post. Go to their page if not just to see the Hanoi Jane, Commie War Heroine Fuppet.

Durante un book-signing organizzato in un centro commerciale di Kansas City, Michael A. Smith (un veterano della guerra del Vietnam di 54 anni) si à ¨ sorbito una coda di 90 minuti per avere la soddisfazione di sputare in faccia a Jane Fonda, due volte, prima di essere arrestato. Per Michelle Malkin, il comportamento “vergognoso” di Hanoi Jane in Vietnam non giustifica una simile aggressione. Per The Jawa Report, invece, Smith avrebbe meritato una medaglia.

Translated, kind of but I think we get the gist …

During a book-signing organized in a center they of Kansas City trades, Michael To Smith (a veteran of the war of the Vietnam of 54 years) has sorbito a tail of 90 minuteren for having the satisfaction sputare in face to Deep Jane, two times, before being arrested. For Michelle Malkin, “the vergognoso” behavior of Hanoi Jane in Vietnam does not justify one similar aggression. For The Jawa Report, instead, Smith would have deserved one medal.

Update: Veteran Has No Regrets For Spitting On Jane Fonda
Man Says He Did It For Veterans
(If one has read the excerpts from Jane Fonda’s book, being spit on seems to be tame in comparison to what her husbands did to her.)

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