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April 20, 2005


Posted in: Bizarre

Everybody is supposed to serve a purpose in life. Unfortunately many are just put here to be bad examples. From the files of … some people are just miserable excuses for human beings comes this story thanks to James Hudnall.

The midget mother and daughter who were allegedly terrorized by their neighbor stood tall yesterday as they faced the grand jury to testify against him.

Neither 3-foot-8 Debra Shea nor her 3-foot-6 daughter, Concelean Pegues, would comment on their testimony as they left Brooklyn Supreme Court, saying prosecutors asked them not to talk while the case is still pending.

The two were testifying against their longtime neighbor, Joseph Izzo, who was busted last week for spray-painting a yellow line leading up to their house and telling them to “follow the yellow brick road.”

Izzo, 40, who is facing hate-crime charges, is also accused of hurling racial slurs at Pegues and cruelly singing, “Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go.”

Izzo was not in court yesterday, and his lawyer, his brother Richard, declined to comment.

A man who said he was Izzo’s friend said that over the past few weeks, Izzo and Shea would get into drunken fights and the two would often call the authorities on each other.

What a special individual Mr Izzo must be. As I have always said, “there are small people and small minded people.” Which would you rather be?

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