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April 20, 2005

Jumping Jim Jeffords, Jumping Ship for Good

Posted in: Politics

The 1754 blog has a great scoop. Jumping” Jim looks like he is jumping into retirement according to National Review Beltway Buzz.

However, this time his altering of the Senate will not make any difference to the make up or control. Funny how that never panned out for Jim. You reap what you sow. However, think its great news that Jeffords is leaving? Think again?.

The buzz from the Socialist Republic of Vermont is that Bernie Sanders will run for Jefford’s Senate seat.

Although Jeffords says he plans to seek re-election, he could change his mind, and Sanders wants to be first in line for the job, Davis said.

Sanders has indicated he would run for the Senate seat should Jeffords retire.

Whatever he’s running for, Sanders has one clear advantage: He is on a first-name basis with most of Vermont.

What the hell ever happened to the state I was born? It is hard to imagine that Vermont was solid Republican; they even voted for Ford over Carter in 1976. It was not until 1992 that the state was forever lost.

If anyone wonders why Blue States are losing population and electoral votes one just needs to take a good look at Vermont and the joke that it has become. Its pretty easy to take over a state when there are barely 600K people in it.

Wherever he goes, from Brattleboro’s funky, retro-hippie downtown to upscale Woodstock, Sanders is greeted by Vermonters who shout “Give ‘em hell, Bernie” out their car windows and give him a thumbs-up sign.

Wizbang has more on “Turncoat” Jeffords and his memorable tin foil hat conspiracies.

UPDATE: OTB has the AP and NY Times links as well. I ditto Jame’s remarks regarding Jefford’s wife and her battle with cancer.

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