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February 03, 2008

Natalee Holloway: Peter R. De Vries Show Updates

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The world has been waiting for the Peter R. De Vries Show today in the Netherlands. We will provide as many translations and updates as possible. The admissions and confessions of Joran Van der Sloot and his involvement in the death and disappearance of Natalee Holloway

  • Joran’s Confession of leaving Natalie on the beach and dumped her body in the ocean. Patrick van der Eem, Peter R. De Vries’ operative has more than ten separate confessions, he never rescinded anything. Peter R. De Vries believes that he was not joking, and has been lying all along. (equivocationnation.blogspot.com)


  • Peter R. De Vries is upset about Joran van der Sloot’s book. He claims that Joran is lying, has been lying all along. The introduction to his book Joran wrote that he won’t find peace until the case is solved. De Vries sneers and is telling the viewers that he has been doubting Joran’s statements since the beginning, and this is why he has set up the hidden camera action.

Patrick van der Eem claims to have been his friend the last few years, played poker with him, and bought him marijuana (legal in Holland.) They showed a bit of the footage they caught, and then cut to commercial. Patrick van der Eem received about 5000 euros per month for five months. Next one coming up. (SM Forum)


  • Joran met Natalee at the blackjack table. Joran and Deepak and Satish went to the casino/bar were Joran drank a jello-shot out of her belly button. She leaves with Joran, Satish and Deepak. Her friends ask her to get out of the car. She refuses and is never seen again.

When Joran, Deepak and Satish are arrested a week later, they were probably instructed by Joran’s father, a judge in training. Their original story was that they dropped her off at the Holiday inn. (more of the comment at equivocationnation.blogspot.com and Peter R. De Vries discussing “Liars Logic”.

  • More comments HERE



“What happened to her?”
“Something happened there. I was lucky, the ocean is huge. I’m fucked if they find her. But It(the body)is gone now. they’ll never find her now.’
‘Did you swim out?’
‘I know people there(Aruba) too. Someone helped me.. I’m not saying who..”
‘Why would he do that for you?”
” I know him, have known him for years, he had a boat… I’ll never name his name.” (More)

Joran van der Sloot concludes with.
“Of the two people here(Holland) you and Him(accomplice with boat)are the only ones I trust.”

Peter R. de Vries and Patrick van der Eem now have the task of finding out who this accomplice is…..

Joran apparently fixed certain details and set up an alibi.

“He offered, I didn’t ask him. He didn’t know how big it was going to get,”
“They haven’t even questioned him…”
“How old is he? Your age?”
“No, 25..”

“They haven’t even questioned him…”
“How old is he? Your age?”
“No, 25..”
“How did he do it?”
“I don’t know, he did it all.”
“What is his name?”
“Daury What?”
“Daury *******” (beeped)

Joran Says What Happened to his shoes:

They took her to the boat at the pier near the marriot and put her in the boat.

The guy says you need to go to school tomorrow to give you an air of doing normal things.

Joran even says that he went to the casino next day to be on camera.

Says he walked home, threw his shoes into some well along the way home.

They were mates, having done things that sound illegal.

Talks about Deepak and Satish and them being innocent and worth nothing. getting them to lie for him.

Joran says that he never told the brothers what happened.

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