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February 02, 2008

Paparrazzi Admit They are Leeches … Pursuit of Britney Spears Has Gone Too Far

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When is enough, enough?

Will the Paparazzi, media and internet tabloids only be happy when they are Paparazzi_LAtrying to get a story and picture of Britney Spear’s death? This does not and should not have to follow the same path as Anna Nicole Smith. However, some have made such stories a cottage industry.

The Free Online Dictionary defines a “leech” as the following:

  • 1. Any of various chiefly aquatic blood sucking or carnivorous annelid worms of the class Hirudinea, of which one species (Hirudo medicinalis) was formerly used by physicians to bleed patients and is now sometimes used as a temporary aid to circulation during surgical reattachment of a body part.
  • 2. One that preys on or clings to another; a parasite.

So the Paparazzi have admitted that they are low life, leeches who are only concerned with getting a picture for money and ready to exploit anyone’s misfortune for their profit. What a shock at this revelation. They have hounded an obviously troubled Britney Spears for months. At every opportunity they were there to exploit this girls obvious troubles. They are allowed to do it because she is a celebrity. Has our society really become this sick that we would condone this type of action by the Paparazzi and main stream media outlets? Imagine if this was just a normal every day person and not a celebrity who was hounded even when they were being carted off to the hospital having a mental break down … we would consider their actions disgusting and repugnant.

Spears’ 12-officer police escort prompts call for paparazzi limits

Imagine only caring to get a picture for financial gain, rather then caring to help a troubled soul? Have any of the stories or pictures taken of Britney asked or answered the obvious question? How to help her so we are not reading a story of her death? If you saw a celebrity in harms way, would you take a picture or would you lend them a helping hand if you had the opportunity? The answer to that question tells much of what you have in your heart and soul.

The Paparazzi has never had an issue with crossing the line of what any normal thinking person would determine to be off limits and private. Instead, they have found glee in the opportunity to exploit people’s lives using the excuse that they are stars and have no private life. Aided by a ridiculous new tabloid internet fascination where many think nothing is beyond reasonable. What a sad commentary of our times that these people revel over getting a picture at all cost of a 26 year old girl having a mental break down.

What made it a whole lot worse, though, was that the paparazzi pack got wind of the psychiatrist’s late-night visit. By the time everyone was ready to move out of the house – a gated home near the top of Coldwater Canyon in the Hollywood Hills – the area was swarming with about 200 photographers and television camera operators.

TV helicopters swooped overhead. The Los Angeles police were forced to carry out an evacuation plan worthy of a military campaign – guarding the house against a possible paparazzi invasion, setting up a complicated series of roadblocks to throw the photographers off the trail, and blacking the windows in the ambulance so Britney could experience her trauma as privately as possible. (The Independent

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