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January 27, 2008

Dead Heat in Republican Florida Primaries for John McCain and Mitt Romney

Posted in: Politics,Polls,Presidential Election 2008

With all eyes on the upcoming Republican Florida Primaries this Tuesday, the Rasmussen Report has it a tie between John McCain and Mitt Romney at 27% a piece. 57 delegates are up for grabs in a winner take all primary as the two have been battling in Florida over economic ideas. See Real Clear Politics are the polling averages. In a state where Independents cannot vote in the Republican primaries, Governor Charlie Christ has just endorsed John McCain. One wonders what would happen if former Florida Governor Jeb Bush endorsed one of the candidates?

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday shows a two-man race for the Republican Presidential Nomination. John McCain and Mitt Romney are tied for the lead at 27% and no one else is close. Mike Huckabee is eleven points back at 16%, Rudy Giuliani is at 14%, and Ron Paul is supported by 6% of Likely Republican Primary Voters.

New polling data released today shows Romney with a six point lead over McCain in Florida. But, the survey was conducted just before Governor Charlie Crist endorsed McCain and nearly one-in-four likely voters still might change their mind.

Hayes: Crist Endorses McCain

St. Petersburg, Florida –Charlie Crist, the popular Governor of Florida, endorsed Senator John McCain here tonight at the Pinellas County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day dinner. Crist’s endorsement had long been considered a major prize and, in recent days, his aides deliberately left open the possibility of a last-minute endorsement.

Crist called McCain a “true American hero” and a “great friend to Florida” before he offered his formal endorsement. “I have been thinking about it a lot. I don’t think anybody would do better than the man who stands next to me right now. I’m happy to endorse John McCain.”

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