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January 19, 2008

Aruba Sinks to New Lows, Part II … Tourism-minister Edison Briesen that introduced them to Justice Minister Croes

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This mornings article, ARUBA SINKS TO NEW LOW … Think This Isn’t Slander and Libel? … Daniel Young and Kelly Castillo Claim Natalee Holloway abused by stepfather Jug Twitty, would have been so long to write we have decided to break it up into numerous parts.

The question with this farce and smear campaign by Young and Castillo is who paid you to come forward now? Do not tell us no one! There have been far too many opportunists in this case and you two just landed at the top of the National Enquirer list.

Daniel Young_Kelly Castillo

(Daniel Young and Kelly Castillo, what Aruba passes off as investigators)

The idea that anyone in Aruba would consider Daniel Young and Kelly Castillo credible shows many revealing aspects of what how people in authority in Aruba will do any thing at all cost to protect tourism and smear tourists reputations. Why would two “mediums” with tin foil hat and moon bat theories become credible now. Why would they be given a forum like Aruba TV? What is even more startling and telling is how these two, investigators as the Amigoe likes to refer to them, came to meet any one of authority in Aruba. The Tourism Minister is introducing these two to the Minister of Justice. As we have always said, in Aruba … its tourism first at all cost.

Let’s face it, Minister Briesen would have done anything to stem the tide of Aruba’s faltering tourism as he hid under his desk dodging questions regarding Aruba’s freefall tourism numbers.Minister_Briesen

Not even Minister Croes, who at that time, two years ago, called them ‘Indian stories’.   It was Tourism-minister Edison Briesen that introduced them to Croes, because he thought that the information was important enough to be included in the judicial investigation.  Croes is of the opinion that now that the case against the suspects Joran and the brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe has brought no results, the Public Prosecution must also consider other scenarios.

So after all this time, after the powers that be in Aruba have done everything in their power to sabotage the case of missing Natalee Holloway, Rudy Croes now states that all scenarios have to be considered. How truly evil a soul do you have Minister Croes. For that matter, why don’t we investigate you Mr. Croes … people have accused you of being complicit in this crime.

Let this be a word of warning to all those who think that the Natalee Holloway story is insignificant and does not affect you. Many have scoffed at this story calling it “Missing Imagine having your child or you yourself you on vacation and “something bad happens”. Imagine that government officials of that island teem up with tourism to smear your name and your child’s reputation. Think it’s so far fetched? Think again … that is what happened in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.


We asked Jossy Mansur what his opinion was of Daniel Young and Kelly Castillo and the credibility of their accusations. As usual, Jossy Mansur was not at a loss for words. He too completely questions their credibility.

Honestly, I cannot waste my time with the two “spiritists” that came to Aruba and held a press conference to make what seems to me to be accusations they did not substantiate with any kind of proof. I hope that, if what they brought forward is a fabrication, Jug will initiate legal proceedings against them. I think Beth should too. But, all in all, nothing of what they said has made us change our conviction that the three ex-suspects know perfectly well what happened to Natalee.

There was no one else involved that we know of, or that has come forward to make any claims. And neither the prosecution nor the investigative team have brought forward any leads to the contrary! In the absence of that, we hold on to our stand that Natalee did not die a natural death, and that the three ex-suspects who are known to be the last persons to be with her when she was still alive, know what happened to her.  However, there is always a very small possibility that she may still be alive, at least until something of her is found to eliminate that hope completely.

If she is still alive (and that is our highest hope) she must have been found or identified a long time ago. With so much media attention, accompanied by so much police investigations here and in the U.S., and so much public interest, how can she have escaped the intense scrutiny, wherever she may be?

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