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January 13, 2008

Natalee Holloway Disappearance: Joran Van der Sloot Tosses Wine in Face of Reporter Peter R. De Vries on Dutch TV Show (Anger Management Issues)

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ANGER MANAGEMENT ISSUES … This is what Joran Van der Sloot does in public, imagine what he is capable of when there is no one to record the event!


For all those who did not think that Joran Van der Sloot, the former suspect in the Natalee Holloway disappearance, did not have anger management issues, you may want to rethink that notion. Joran Van der Sloot appeared on the late-night talk show Pauw & Witteman. By shows end Joran Van der Sloot threw wine in the face of a crime reporter, Peter R. De Vries, after they appeared together on a Dutch television program.

See the Video from Dumpert.nl.

From De Telegraaf Binnenland (Dutch), Moeder Joran maakt excuses


(Click on pic for Video)

Does any one really wonder what happened to Natalee Holloway when Joran Van der Sloot, one of the last known people ever to be seen with the missing Alabama teenager? Look at his anger issues in public. The Aruban authorities and daddy, Paul Van der Sloot, are going to be hard pressed to cover your actions up this time Joran. These are hardly the actions of a normal individual. So this is the reaction for all the world to see when Joran Van der Sloot does not get his own way.

Does any normal thinking person really wonder what happened to Natalee Holloway and who was responsible for her disappearance? Anyone that would dare challenge Joran Van der Sloot gets a knee jerk reaction like he did on the Dutch TV program. Is the type of uncontrollable person Joran Van der Sloot really is? This is how Joran Van der Sloot acts. Paul and Anita Van der Sloot must be very proud of the type of child they have raised.

The blond woman in the wine-throwing clip who with some water washes the wine out of PRdV’s eyes makes an very true remark to Anita-vdS about Joran: “Well, you really brought THAT up well!” (Hat Tip EURobert, FP)

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – A former suspect in the disappearance of an American teenager in Aruba threw wine in the face of a crime reporter after they appeared together on a talk show and the reporter challenged his honesty.


Van der Sloot, who denies any wrongdoing, appeared relaxed throughout the TV appearance, despite remarks from crime reporter Peter R. De Vries challenging his honesty.

At the end of the program Van der Sloot and De Vries had a testy exchange about whether De Vries would apologize if evidence exonerating Van der Sloot came to light.

The live show ended, but NOS radio news reported Saturday that moments later, Van der Sloot threw a glass of wine in De Vries’ face.

The incident was captured on the show’s cameras and photos taken by members of the studio audience are circulating on Dutch web sites.


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This is what sets Joran Van der Sloot off? Who honestly does not think that this kid has anger management issues? If this is what Joran Van der Sloot would do with the cameras rolling and people every where to so, imagine what he would do when no one was around. It would appear that Joran is capable of lashing out at those that would challenge him, or tell him “NO”.


This is a perfect example of a leopard does not change its spots, not can one lipstick a pig. The parents of Joran Van der Sloot have him appear on this TV show to spin to the world that their son has been miscategorized and smeared. Yet for all the world to see, Joran then takes this opportunity to show just how little credibility he has by his actions.


Witteman said he thought the move would damage Van der Sloot’s credibility, the opposite of what his family had hoped the effect of appearing on the program would be.

Suspect in Aruba case attacks talk show host

Interview Video

Transcript  of interview (partial) … Full Transcript Here and HERE

Witteman: I found it exiting and balanced.

Interviewer: People who were watching claim you have allowed Joran to talk very lengthy.

Witteman: Yes, he was of course the main guest. And Peter de Vries can take very good care of himself that was obvious in this broadcasting, verbally that is.
And we now had the occasion to get the discussion going between these two, and that had not happened prior. So we let that happen.
But a fact is that Joran van der Sloot was released, was interrogated in many ways, that the justice in Aruba does not see grounds for prosecution, and that juridically then there is something like, then it has to be over with, that is why we made the show now, as in; what now, ho to go from here.

Interviewer: I had the feeling you were defending Joran at times during the show towards Peter de Vries.

Witteman: I honestly feel that Peter de Vries, who of course has investigated, in Aruba, but he did not found much damaging material that would make Joran closer to the qualification of a murderer, and that is why I feel why Joran during such a program, when he is being called a liar over and over again, I do not feel it being not correct to defend your guest a little bit. That would go the other way around also by the way.

Interviewer: And what Joran van der Sloot then does at the end, how would you want to qualify that?

Witteman: Incredible and hugely stupid.
I mean it was of course the intention of the family van der Sloot to come her and show they want to continue their lives, and that they want to leave this case behind them, but that will be difficult as long as the body of Natalee has not been found, and when you want to get at least some understanding of the public, you of course should not perform things like this (referring to throwing wine).

Interviewer: How would you describe this broadcasting?

Witteman: The broadcasting itself, I found it to be very good and exciting.

Interviewer: The ending though was sort of strange.

Witteman: Dramatically, and nasty and incredible.

More translations of TV show

 Other comments regarding wine incident:


Joran Van der Sloot cannot control his temper … is that now obvious to the world.

Van der Sloot’s Dutch lawyer and the show’s producers could not immediately be reached for comment.

“He did it out of a kind of frustration, annoyance,” De Vries said on Nova Saturday. “I spoke with him later, and he apologized. And then he said that he actually wanted to curse me out during the broadcast, but he was able to refrain. But at the end, before he knew it, he had thrown the glass of wine in my face.”

Show host Paul Witteman said Van der Sloot had told him afterward he had planned the act during the show.

“The further along the show went, the more he was annoyed because he had to explain again and again why he had lied” at the start of the investigation into Holloway’s disappearance, Witteman said Van der Sloot told him.

Van der Sloot thought, ‘Now I’ll grab my chance, now I can do it’ (throw the wine), and then he did,” Witteman said.

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