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December 23, 2007

Breaking: Is it Possible? Another Tourist Missing in Aruba!!! Second Girl Missing … American Student Joyce Buckely

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Has it happened again in Aruba? Another Missing Female Tourist!



(24 Ora)

It was only a matter of time before it happened again on “One Happy Island” in Aruba. According to preliminary reports from 24ora, another female tourist in missing in Aruba. Some initial translations of the article seem to indicate that a female tourist left the Karma Lounge with two guys and has not been seen since.

UPDATE I: Rough Translation of 24ora article

Young tourist missing in Aruba

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Sunday morning a mother alarmed authorities to tell them her daughter is missing. Apparently the girl went out to a bar and never returned. The girl and her family was staying according to information at the Holiday Inn.

The mother together with the police went looking at various night clubs for the young woman.  Information they were able to obtain was that the young girl was last seen leaving in a car with two man near Karma lounge. Until this afternoon the police spokesperson cannot say if they succeeded in finding the girl or not. On the picture the mother together with the police can be seen leaving the Havana Beach Club.

UPDATE II: It seems the spirit of Natalee Holloway is “following” us

23 year old American student Joyce Buckely is missing in Aruba


It seems the spirit of Natalee Holloway is “following” us.

Sunday morning the mother of an American student went to the Police station Noord to report her daughter missing.  Joyce Buckeley went on a Banana Bus trip and when the trip had ended the young woman 23 years old did not arrive back at her hotel.

In the morning hours a big alarm was given to the police authorities, one of the head officers of police, Dolfi Richardson, has asked for a formal “investigation” contrary to the case of Natalee Holloway, and also when another person had disappeared, normally the police waits 48 hours before the big alarm, before a person is officially missing.

UPDATE III: What did we say in the past Aruba, a cloud hangs over your island.

Aruba NH weather

UPDATE IV: It is up in the air whether Joyce Buckely has been found or not. It appears that she was found.

Comment from the front page: The Awe Mainta article posted above should have been translated. It goes on to say in the last 2 columns that after the ALE checked every nightclub in Oranjestad, Santa Cruz etc, including chollerhoues etc the police returned to the hotel at 5 in the morning and went into the parent’s bedroom where they found the girl fast asleep, reeking of liquor, drunk and possibly on drugs.

It says that probably, the parents were too busy looking into the children’s bedroom, that they didn’t check their own room… etc etc…

Unfortunately the parents were already threatening with boycotts of the island, cursing it etc and the like before they realized what was going on. Their daughter was right there all the time.

Honestly, there is something not right about any of this story. Was this a case of what the Natalee Holloway story was supposed to be, before something bad happened?

However, one thing is for certain. When ever any one goes missing for one second in Aruba, the first thing that the parents thought of was Natalee Holloway and the manner in how the police ineptly investigated her disappearance. Better learn to deal with it Aruba, that is your legacy.

UPDATE V: Some Confirmation to the missing person story

Yes, it did occur, but apparently there was a mix-up of rooms involved. The girl did go out and did come back to her hotel, but went to sleep in another room instead of her own. The police did go out in force to search for her in every nightclub and elsewhere while she was all the time safe in the hotel where they were staying. In this case it was luckily a confusion of rooms, unlike the Natalee case, where the girl is still missing after two and a half years of unfruitful searches and the most bizarre twists and turns in the investigation that followed her disappearance. (Jossy Mansur)

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