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November 17, 2007

Stacy Peterson Missing: Dr. Michael Baden Calls Death of Drew Peterson’s Wife Kathleen Savio a Homicide

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One wife dead and one wife missing … the suspicion grows in both cases. Dr. Michael Baden brings a whole new angle of suspicion on Drew Peterson in the Autopsy_2cases of his dead third wife and his missing current one. The case of missing Stacy Peterson just got a bit more suspicious. Dr. Michael Baden, the former New York City chief medical examiner performed an independent autopsy on the Kathleen Savio, the 3rd wife of suspect Drew Peterson in the Stacy Peterson case and determined the following:

“It’s my opinion, to a reasonable degree of medical certainty, it’s a homicide, and that’s what I would put down on the death certificate,” Baden said during a interview on Fox News. Baden agreed that Savio died by drowning. But he said there was enough evidence, even in 2004, to rule it a homicide. “There were indications then of multiple blunt force traumas, of being beaten up,” Baden said. “One of the things we were able to look at today, those bruises were still there. And we could see from the naked eye they were fresh.” (Chicago Sun Times)

Many questions arise from Dr. Baden’s findings, why was the initial autopsy ruled an accidental death? Baden almost comes out and states that there was obvious bruises and blunt force trauma. Was this a cover up?

Read the initial autopsy of Kathleen Savio HERE.

Former New York City chief medical examiner Dr. Michael Baden examined Kathleen Savio’s remains on Friday and determined that she died after a struggle and her body was then placed in the bathtub where she was later found, Savio’s family told WFLD-TV. “She was beat up and placed in the bathtub as a cover-up for whoever done this,” Sue Savio Doman, Savio’s sister, told the Fox affiliate. “There was marks on her hips, her arms, her elbows, on her legs, her feet. … There was a struggle. She did fight,” Savio Doman said. (Yahoo.com)

UPDATE I: Ex-Cop’s Lawyer Disputes Autopsy Report

Just like a typical defense liar, trying to throw mud on individuals with impeccable credentials. Please do not have your client, Drew Peterson, get in a beauty contest with Dr. Michael Baden … you will lose badly. You dare question Baden and Fox’s financial arrangement while Drew Peterson gets wined and dined by NBC, acting like he thinks he’s a celebrity?

An attorney for a former police officer suspected in the disappearance of his current wife disputed Sunday a renowned pathologist’s recent conclusion that one of the man’s previous wives had been killed, not accidentally drowned.

The circumstances of how Drew Peterson’s third wife died in 2004 has become part of the investigation into the former police sergeant’s missing wife, Stacy Peterson, a 23-year-old mother of two who has been missing since Oct. 28. Police have named her 53-year-old husband as a suspect in her disappearance, and authorities have called the case a possible homicide.

Drew Peterson’s attorney questioned the legitimacy of Baden’s work.

“The results of Dr. Baden’s autopsy on Ms. Savio do not surprise us, not because we believe they are accurate, but only because Dr. Baden had indicated over a week before he had performed the autopsy that he believed Kathleen’s death was not an accident,” lawyer Joel Brodsky said in a statement Sunday.

His attorney also questioned a financial arrangement between the forensic investigator and Fox News, which paid to fly Baden to Chicago, where he conducted the autopsy for Savio’s family.

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