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November 05, 2007

Hey NBC … Leave Football Alone … SHUT UP AND BROADCAST SPORTS … Shameful Green Stunt

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What ever happened it just sitting back with some chips and a beverage and watching a football game in peace? Away from the realities of the world and away from a political agenda. Not any more thanks to NBC.  As Hot Air has stated, first they had to inflict us with Keith Olbermann and now a lame green stunt. The only thing missing last night was Al Gore doing guest color analysis on the game. By the way NBC, the Dallas Cowboys beat the Eagles 38–17.

NBC is fine that you have a “Green is Universal campaign. However, do so when it would be deemed appropriate. I do not expect football scores or interviews with head coaches while watching Tim Russert. How about you do the same for sports fans?  NBC and Football Night in America is truly in the dark. 

So NBC’s answer to being green is a self-serving ridiculous stunt of turning the lights off for their half-time show of Football Night in America. You have got to be joking? It might have been a bit more convincing if Bob Costas, Olbermann and Chris Collinsworth were not laughing and making sophomoric jokes through out the broadcast. Wouldn’t NBC be doing us all a favor, both “green” and otherwise if they just pulled the plug on MSNBC? Think of the energy saved and the homes you could light and heat with that promotion?

The Sundries Shack brings up a point that was the first thing that came across our minds when watching this pathetic and shameless stunt. Here these people are telling us how to conserve when just how many frequent flier miles does Costas and Olbermann have? Would you just loved to have had a split screen view on TV of their homes last night to see just how many lights were on in their homes? Wouldn’t you want to see what was driving the NBC sports hosts back and forth to their homes? Heck, and just how many homes they might have being heated or cooled with no one in them? Just how many miles to the gallon does the “Madden Cruiser” get?

I suggest that as part of NBC’s “Green is Universal” program, they tell us just how much energy their halftime interviews cost, in pounds of CO2. I’d also be interested to know just how many airmiles Costas, Olbermann, and the rest travel to cover the games, also in total pounds of CO2 emitted. Not that I don’t believe that NBC should broadcast football games, complete with pregame and halftime shows. I just want to know what their carbon footprint is for each broadcast so I can determine whether they have any grounds on which to criticize me for my lifestyle.

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