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October 06, 2007

OJ Simpson’s ROLEX a Fake … Isn’t this the Perfect Metaphor

Posted in: Bizarre,Celebrity,Fun,O J Simpson,WTF

The Rolex watch that was seized from OJ Simpson by the attorneys of Ron Rolex_FakeGoldman is being returned as it was deemed to be a knock-off fake made in China. My how the mighty have fallen that “The Juice” is walking around with a pseudo-Rolex as a time piece. Before anyone asks OJ for his shoes to they best check out whether they are Bruno Magli’s or Bruno Mahli’s.

Just out of curiosity … who is to say that the watch that OJ gave to the Goldman attorneys was the same one he was wearing in the picture? What if he just sent them a $125 fake instead? Are we just supposed to take OJ’s word?

One thing is for certain … the fake Rolex is truly the perfect metaphor for what has become O.J. Simpson’s life.

Goldman has won a multimillion-dollar wrongful death judgment against Simpson, but the watch has so little value it falls under an exemption in the judgment excluding jewelry worth less than $6,075.

Goldman lawyer David Cook said his client will comply with Friday’s order by Superior Court Judge Gerald Rosenberg.

“While we are clearly disappointed with the outcome, this tells us that collecting on this judgment, against this guy, is really tough,” Cook said.

Cook had hoped the watch might be worth as much as $22,000, but an appraisal from San Francisco jeweler Shreve & Co. concluded it was worth only about $100. Simpson had told his lawyer, Ronald Slates, he paid $125 for it.

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