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April 15, 2005

Boston Globe’s “Seal” of Approval

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Does the Boston Globe really need to make excuses why its reader circulation has hit the skids? Earlier today we posted about the “Globe’s daily circulation declined by 17,000 copies, or 3.7%, and Sunday decreased by 15,000 copies, or 2.1%“. With all the excuses that executives came up with for the declining numbers and of course leaving out blogs; they seem to have left out one other real big reason.

Michelle Malkin posts on the not so” seal of approval of The Boston Globe. FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! The SEAL HUNT STORY from last week is yet another in a long line of media fabrications.

And they have the audacity to call blogs out on the carpet that because we do not have editors. That we do not fact check and we cannot be trusted? WHAT’S THEIR CONTINUAL EXCUSE?

Also at OTB.

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