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September 17, 2007

If Al Gore Can Win an Emmy & an Oscar, Why Can’t he Win a Presidency? Also, Sally Fields at the Emmys

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Former Vice President Al Gore has now won an Emmy and an Oscar. So why can’t Al “An Inconvenient Truth” Gore win the US Presidency? Maybe a better question is, why doesn’t he even try?

Former Vice President Al Gore took home an Emmy Sunday night for creative achievement in interactive television for Current TV, his youth-oriented television channel. “We are trying to open up the television medium so that viewers can help them make television and join the conversation of democracy and reclaim American democracy by talking about the choices we have to make,” Gore said as he accepted the award.

If Al Gore’s greatest platform and cause celeb is global warming and he really wanted to make some type of real inroads into a perceived problem that he so believes in, why would he not run for the highest office in the land? Instead Al Gore just sits back and wants to receives statues. Complaining about a problem and blaming other does nothing, talk is cheap Al. If you really truly believed in your cause, you would run as a Democratic candidate for President of the United States. All else is just for your ego.

On some other EMMY comments, watch Sally Field’s fumble over her words and eventually get cut off for cursing at the event making a protest against the war. Sally, “shut up and act”! What one find most amazing when it comes to these actors trying to vent about a topic that they generally know so little about, is the fact that they can never do it in a common sense, rational statement. They are actor’s, are they not? Isn’t this what they are supposed to be good at, speech? These are the same people that make fun of George W. Bush’s mangling of the English language. GWB joking says English is his second language, what’s their excuse?

Why is it as well that Hollywood cannot make a war speech without cursing or taking the Lord’s name in vane? What a disgrace.

UPDATE I: Week Ratings for Emmys

Between people watching less and less TV, uninteresting programming and many not wanting to listen to actors pontificate about their beliefs, is it any wonder why ratings for “kudo casts” are down significantly.

The “Primetime Emmy Awards” on Fox drew the kudocast’s second smallest audience on record Sunday night, averaging 13.1 million viewers, according to preliminary nationals from Nielsen.

This year’s audience comes in well below the 16.2 million that NBC garnered for its late-August telecast a year ago and the 18.7 million that watched on CBS two years ago.

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