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September 12, 2007

Movie “Nothing Is Private” Shocks the Senses … Real Question, Is Nothing Sacred?

Posted in: Bizarre,Child Welfare,WTF

Is nothing too sleazy for Hollywood these days? Are there any boundaries of taste? All we ever hear is that Hollywood Wtfdirectors are artists. They are avant guard. No, they are smut peddlers acting under the guise of caring or having a point. Making movies and directing is supposed to be an art. What part about showing graphic sex with a 13 year old that leaves nothing to the imagination is supposed to make a point about pedophilia? One can more than make their point in others ways, its called artistic impression.

The film industry obviously learned nothing from the sick, pathetic and failed “Dakota Fanning rape project.” Was it any wonder when there were no takers for the movie at The Sandance Film Festival? Now The Toronto Film Festival is presented with the even more disturbing and bordering on child porn movie, Nothing is Private”. When will these people ever learn? Or really care? One thins is for certain, for those buying tickets to this movie the police may want to be checking the registered sex offender list as patrons enter the theater. Making these types of films are not helping bring awareness to the issue, you are further exploiting it.

Nothing is Private is directed by Alan Ball who is better known for “Six Feet Under” and “American Beauty.” Ball’s graphic and offensive and way over the top movie of child abuse misses its mark due to the graphic sex scenes. One does not have to be this explicit or graphic in order to makes one’s point. The movie is being tauted as “Kiddie Porn Movie Rocks Toronto as ‘Feel-Awful’ Film of the Year

The worst and most offensive movie I’ve seen in a while has just had three screenings at the kooky Toronto Film Festival.

If Ball — who regularly toyed with conventions in his TV show and in “American Beauty” — thought all this would somehow illuminate the tragedy of child abuse, he was wrong. Too much is shown and too many lines are crossed for “Nothing Is Private” ever to be released by a major studio or distribution company to theatres. If nothing else, the endless “ick” factor involving nearly every character is a permanent obstacle.

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